Ever Wonder What the Online Casino Promotions Mean?

Know what the online casino promotions mean!

Promotion is a massive part of any online casino. It’s one of the many ways how casinos keep things fresh and interesting for the players. But for newbies, it’s hard to understand what these promotions mean and how to decide which one to choose.

Casino Promotions and Their Meaning

Online casinos rely on a few different things in order to hook new players and make them stay. After a lucrative welcome bonus, the promotions play the largest role. There are a few different promotions that you’ll see when you visit an online casino.

Welcome Bonus

You might not realize, but the welcome bonus an online casino offers is a promotion for the new players. The promotion terms might change over time, but it’s still a promotion. The welcome bonus is the easiest way to hook some new players who want to earn quick money.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Promotions

Once new players sign up with the bait of the welcome bonus, it’s time to make them permanent. Daily promotions are great for everyday fun. Most online casinos don’t offer a daily promotion. But the ones that do offer something for every day of the week.

It can be free spins, cash prizes, cashback and so on. Most casinos switch it up every day like Sunday Funday, Monday Mania, Tuesday Free Spins, etc. The casino might offer big wins on a specific day of the week or the month.

These promotions are great for new players. They can finish the wagering requirement faster and have some fun as well. They are an amazing learning opportunity for every new player.


Tournaments take place randomly at an online casino. Most of the tournaments spread over weeks and every week there is a chance to win something big. The tournaments usually have a huge prize pool, sometimes over millions. Every participant has a chance to win something from a tournament. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the tournament before you jump into one.

Loyalty Programs

If you see an online casino that has a loyalty program, it means the casino cares for the players. Loyalty programs can lead to VIP perks. If not, then the loyalty points you earn can be redeemed for cash prizes or free spins.

In some casinos, you get enrolled automatically while in others, you have to earn the privilege.

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