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PayPal Casinos selected just for New Zealand

PayPal is one of the most universally recognized payment options and is known for international standard deposits and withdrawals. While not all online casinos accept PayPal yet, we have done our research and found a few reputable online casinos where you can use your PayPal credit.

PayPal is a top online casino payment method that is fast, safe, mobile-friendly and free.

Best Paypal casinos 2024

Welcome bonus
Payout speed
Instant withdrawals
1-3 Days
Up to NZ$1200 (4 deposits)
1-3 Days
1-3 Days
Up to NZ$600 (3 deposits)
1-3 Days
Up to €350 (2 deposits)
1-8 Days
100% up to $100 + 136 FS
0-7 Days
Up to $3500 + 250FS (3 deposits) + 500 Loyalty Points
1-3 Days
UK, Malta

How secure is it?

Having a PayPal account means you can buy or sell across borders in your currency. The company processes 25 currencies from 202 countries and markets and converts them for your convenience.

They monitor every transaction, 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind advanced encryption and, if something seems fishy, their dedicated team of security specialists will identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraudulent transactions.

Who uses PayPal?

PayPal has almost 200,000,000 users online who transact on sites like eBay or one of many other online vendors all over the world and it dominates the world of electronic transfers online.

There was a time when PayPal was more widely accepted at casinos, however, when the USA introduced the Wire Act in 2003, PayPal left many operators. Recently, however, the payment method has started to return to the scene when licensed and regulated online gaming was introduced into three states in the US back in 2014.

While PayPal is still reconsidering its position, and there are positive signs that it may return to online casinos in the future, the number of casinos that accept PayPal are too few and far between to be considered a universal payment option at online casino sites.

Casinos that use PayPal have access to these 4 great features.

PayPal Features

  1. Safe and secure transactions
  2. Players can instantly receive payouts
  3. The transaction service is free to use on personal accounts
  4. There are 25 currencies available

Which Casinos use PayPal?

Large, well-established casinos tend to have more payment methods available so, when you make use of internationally-branded casinos, there is a greater chance you’ll find PayPal as one of the payment options.

There are a few smaller casinos that offer PayPal services, however, they can be a bit harder to find. Fortunately, we have managed to source a great range for you so, if you’re sitting with some PayPal credit that you’re not sure what to do with, how about using it to play games of chance at one of these casinos?

PayPal has an outstanding reputation for security, speed and service, which means that you can rest assured that when using PayPal at a site, you’ll enjoy greater convenience when it comes to purchasing credits or cashing out your winnings. An all-around first-rate gaming experience!

Most Popular Payment Methods for Kiwis

Setting up your PayPal Account

Creating your PayPal account is effortless as all you need is an email address to get started. Once the account has been created, you link it to a bank or credit card and you’re on your way. You can add more than one card. When it comes to receiving money, it’s up to you as to where the money goes.

Another bonus is the fact that PayPal doesn’t charge any fees when you’re using the service in your personal capacity. This means there is more money to wager when playing games of chance, or to spend on a treat for yourself or a loved one.

The safety of using PayPal lies with the fact that it acts as an intermediary between you and whoever you’re paying. Your card details are never shared with anyone. PayPal simply receives the money on your behalf and adds it to your account. The same concept applies when making a payment.

As PayPal says, “We monitor every transaction 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft.”

So you can rest assured that all your important financial data is safely stored using international standard encryption in addition to every other level of security that PayPal has in place.

Using PayPal at Online Casinos

Adding PayPal to your casino profile is quick and easy. While some of these steps may differ slightly from one casino to the next, this is what you can expect.

  • Log in to your favourite PayPal casino
  • Click to add funds or purchase credit
  • Select PayPal as your method of payment
  • Type in the value you wish to purchase
  • A pop-up window or separate page will load
  • Log into your PayPal account
  • Click to confirm your payment
  • Return to the casino banking page where your deposit will be confirmed

To withdraw from PayPal, the process is even simpler.

  • Click to cash out your winnings
  • Select PayPal from the dropdown menu
  • Capture the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Click to confirm the withdrawal

Whether you play casino games often or simply enjoy a bit of online shopping, having a PayPal account makes moving money fast and safe.

Completing transactions online has never been quicker and safer. Life moves at a rapid pace so having a seamless experience is vitally important. When you use PayPal to make a deposit at reputable online casinos, funds are available immediately, so you can play straight away.

When it comes to withdrawals; once a request has been processed by the online casino, your cash is available in your PayPal account almost instantly.

When will my favourite casino offer PayPal?

Your best bet would be to check directly with your preferred casino. It is up to each casino as to which payment methods are offered, so the customer support team may be able to advise as to whether this payment method will be available in the future.

In the meantime, why not create a PayPal account anyway and take advantage of the superior protection offered as you purchase from retailers in your area? It’s so easy to get started and then, once your casino has added this payment method, you will already be comfortable using it.