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The CasinoKiwi ‘Inside the Industry’ Casino Mag

Online gaming in New Zealand is fun, fast, and changing all the time, so there is heaps of news to be shared. But unlike the fillies, you can’t just go to the dairy and pick up the industry  . That’s why we’ve made our own industry mag — to keep you posted with all the industry news, promos, gaming tips, and more.

NZ Casino News

Things happen quickly in the NZ online gaming world, so check out our regular news updates to keep you posted. If there is new management at a popular gaming site, or if there has been a breakthrough in gaming tech, we’ll let you know here.

The NZ Online Casino Encyclopedia

While the news changes all the time, the fundamentals of online casino gaming stays the same. In our encyclopedia, you’ll find helpful content you can come back to again and again, whether it be terminology or gaming strategy.

The Kiwi Promo Post

Everyone loves a good promo, and we’re not talking about a free saussie at Bunnings either. Check out The Kiwi Promo Post for all of the lastest and juiciest promos on offer. We’re the number one Kiwi site for covering the latest and greatest online gaming promos!

Other Weird Stuff You Didn’t Know

There are bucket loads of interesting stories in online gaming. Here’s just a couple of weird and interesting facts that would blow even the most snootiest know-it-all. Did you know that if you add up all the numbers on a Roulette wheel, it comes to 666, and that’s why it’s known as the Devil’s Game? Or that on the stock market, blue chip companies are called that, because in a casino a blue chip is worth more than the red or white chips? Well yeah, now you know. Or how about dispelling some urban myths? The next time someone tells you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery, you can tell them it has been mathematically disproven in 1997.  An American study showed that in the year 1996 alone, 1,136 people won at least a million dollars playing the American lottery, while only 91 people were killed by lightning the same year. Huh, how’s that for an urban myth? Although we generally don’t recommend holding onto a lightning pole to change the mathematics.

Useful Weird Stuff You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Ok, there are also some facts about gambling you probably didn’t know before and which could also come in handy. The Gambler’s Fallacy is that idea that a game’s result is affected by previous results – and this is actually false. For example, if you roll an odd number on a dice 5 times, then you’d imagine the next roll would finally give you an even number. Wrong.  Ok, so while in the very long term picture, the probability does balance out, each roll of the dice is its own event and it’s actually quite common to see longish runs of one kind of result. What this means is that you shouldn’t place your next bet based on what happen on the last roll. Similarly, with jackpots – doesn’t really matter if it’s video pokies or progressive jackpots, many players like to choose a jackpot that hasn’t paid out in a while, thinking that it’s like a pot of boiling water and that because it hasn’t paid out in so long, it should payout soon. Well, that’s also only partially true because jackpot do payout, but pokies – and for that matter, all online casino games except for live dealers – are controlled by a random number generator in a computer. This means that it’s really random. You could win 2 jackpots in a row playing the same game, or it could take days or months before you hit it.

Casino News

Beyond random bits of gaming facts, entertaining and tidbits, we also cover casino news because there are things that affect us all. New person at the helm at a popular online casino? You’ll hear about it from us. There are also industry news like changes in regulation – luckily for us Kiwis, we have stable legislation when it comes to online gambling, but some other countries don’t. Or how about new trends in gaming? Also here. With technology changing so quickly, there are lots of developments – it might be virtual reality casinos, or multi-player games. And of course, if there’s a new online casino that’s really worth checking out because it has a different take on what gaming should be like, you’ll also learn about it here before anyone else.


Ok, we saved the best for the last. Many players are on the lookout for casino promotions. Well look no further. We are the number one Kiwi site for covering the latest deals, and we do it the moment they go online. We go way beyond the welcome bonus – we look for daily, weekly and monthly offers. Holidays, raffles, tournaments and the whole shebang. And what’s more, our team doesn’t just dump any old promo here – we compare the promotions to find the best ones. Free spins are one of the most sought after promos for pokie players, so we have a special team find those extra spins for you all over the casino world. There are also reload bonuses, which give you the extra cash with flexibility to enjoy whatever game you want. Table game players aren’t forgotten here – we also find the best bonuses for you – whether they’re bonuses specific for table games, or cash prizes in Blackjack decks and Roulette wheels. Like pigs hunting for truffle, we work hard to stay ahead of the game, so that all you need to do is check in and take your pick from the latest and the greatest.