A Quick Guide to Gambling in New Zealand

There’s a lot you might not know about gambling online and offline on our fair isle - so here’s some quick and interesting info for you!

Some Stats:

The amount of money spent annually on gambling, and the number of players in New Zealand is on the rise. In the last few years, these numbers have risen dramatically, and gambling is proving to be a major player in the New Zealand economy.The total amount spent nearly doubled in the 6 years since 2010, and that figure is projected to rise.

Our Favorite Games:

Most Kiwis prefer to play pokies, also known as slots. This is probably due to its cultural similarities with Australia, where pokies have long been a favorite among gamblers. Also, pokies tend to be the easiest games to play and offer the chance to win huge payouts and prizes. For years, New Zealanders have been winning millions of dollars playing on old school pokie machines in pubs, bars, and clubs. In recent times players have moved on to playing their favorite slot games online. New technology has given the locals the chance to play the latest, most innovative games, and Kiwis are hoping to win even bigger by playing some of the best progressive jackpot games in the world.

Casinos in New Zealand

We Love Online Gambling:

New Zealanders, much like other countries, have fast taken to the world of online gambling and us Kiwis are loving the option to gamble from the comfort of their own home. Spending a weekend at a casino was always a local favorite, and now New Zealanders simply can’t resist the chance to earn some real money and play their favorite pokies at some of the world’s best online casinos. For Kiwis who prefer to only play online at New Zealand based casinos, there’s some good news. The country has some terrific online casinos, which allow secure and safe deposits in NZD, and offer great bonuses to local players. More and more local online casinos are springing up, offering players the chance to really get their money’s worth. For the younger generation, mobile gambling has become to default way to bet online. Casino apps have become quite a craze, and almost half the smartphones in New Zealand have some sort of casino or sports betting app. Online gambling can be a bit tricky for New Zealand residents. This is due to tight regulations regarding offshore online casinos, and a few do not offer their services to residents of New Zealand. Also, many online casinos don’t accept the local currency, the New Zealand Dollar, and residents have to deal with transaction fees and exchange rates. However, online gambling in New Zealand is legal for residents and is fast becoming a favorite national pastime. Currently, New Zealand has a national average of online gamblers similar to the US. In recent years, many online casinos have decided to cash in on the country’s ever growing love for gaming, and many online gambling sites welcome players from New Zealand with open arms, offering bonuses and accepting deposits in NZD. They also offer pokies and games which will be familiar to Kiwis who use pokie machines in the local pubs. Nowadays, as far as offshore online casinos go, they almost all accept players from New Zealand, and residents can rest assured that all their favorite pokies are available to them online. It’s important to be cautious when depositing money, as not all casinos are reliable and safe. There are tons of websites which offer great reviews for New Zealanders, and monitor which ones are secure and trustworthy. The rise in online gambling has also boosted sales for the New Zealand national lottery, i.e. TAB Lotto. The chance to purchase a ticket from your phone or desktop has greatly increased TAB’s earnings.  

…And Also, Offline Gambling:

New Zealand is the proud home to 6 land-based casinos. Although this number may seem small, these Casinos are highly regarded for their service and have become a tourist attraction for many avid gamers. These casinos all have stunning venues, thousands of pokie machines, a full range of table games, and terrific rewards and bonuses. It’s no surprise that many Kiwis are flocking to these places, looking for a great night out and of course, the chance to win big at the casino’s jackpots. The minimum age to play at a casino in New Zealand is 20, but some are known to be lenient and allow over 18s, as long as they show valid photo ID. Auckland’s SkyCity Casino, for example, is located in one of the tallest Sky Tower’s in the world and is well regarded for its glamour and luxury. A longtime favorite of both local residents and tourists, It has 1600 gaming machines and 100 different table games. It also offers high-stakes poker games and many restaurants. There’s much to love in New Zealand, when it comes to gambling – and it seems we all agree on that!