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About Us

Casino Kiwi came about when some like-minded online gaming fans got together and realised that there were no decent sites out there that catered specifically for New Zealanders. Everyone involved in the site has been playing online for quite a while, so we’re all pretty experienced, but we all agreed that there needed to be a site that other Kiwi players could go to get reliable information about good online casinos, and where we could all share our experience and the tips we’ve picked up along the way. Because we’ve played at the online casinos we recommend, our advice and tips are first-hand and we’ve seen for ourselves the quality of their games, the ease of using the site, and the standard of customer service on offer and so we are able to offer our beginners guide for those who want to learn from our experience .

Tyler Green

I’m originally from Christchurch, but I’ve been based in Auckland for the last couple of years. I studied economics and business at the University of Canterbury and since graduating in 2009 i’ve been working in digital media. I’ve now set up my own business, and do a lot of work as a content manager and webmaster. I first got into playing online when I was a student, so I’m a pretty experienced player. Online blackjack is my game of choice which I got into when I started to read up on the game, and discovered how to use basic strategy effectively. I’m pretty disciplined in the way I play, because I’ve learnt that in the long term using a good strategy and sticking to it is the only way of coming out ahead. I also play video poker (I prefer Jacks or Better) and I like craps as well—mainly because these are about the only two casino games where you can find a bet that doesn’t come with an inbuilt house edge! When I’m not working or playing online, I’m right into my sport. I’m a big All Blacks fan and follow the Crusaders in the Super 15 Rugby. I like a lot of classic bands, like The Who, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, but I’m also into Queens of the Stone Age and Muse just now. I go to the movies when I can mainly to see comedies and action stuff or else I just like hanging out with my mates in the pub.

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