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From Newbie to the Pro: VIP Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses tend to be the most popular type of bonuses sought by online casino players. But sometimes it’s nice to have a place that feels like home, because it’s not a hit a run. You want a casino that takes you seriously, and that cares about your long-term business. While pro players can often be found playing at multiple casinos, often have a favourite casino they keep going back to because they enjoy that specific selection of games, they like the promotions and the service. In the end, it’s about finding a casino that treats you right because gaming is about having fun and feeling good. Enter the VIP Bonus.

Casino VIP Bonus – the Basics

VIP bonuses keep existing players happy and are a reward for loyalty. It’s sort of like collecting air miles, but better because you get more prizes, more often. The goods range from extra free spins, to generous reload bonuses, to exclusive tournaments with cash prizes and real world gifts. You’ll see that overall they’re not so different from general casino promotions, except they are of significantly better value than the usual fare. Bonuses with better terms, more expensive gadgets to be won, or bigger cash prizes.  When you think about it, it’s actually nothing to sneeze at. So we’ll go into detail to show you what the hype is all about.

How to Get a VIP Bonus

As you can guess from the name, not everyone will get VIP casino bonuses. After all, not everyone can be a “Very Important Person”. So how do you get important enough to stand out from the crowd to become a VIP and get that bonus? Almost all online casinos have VIP bonuses through their loyalty programmes, which is what will confer VIP status on a player. The loyalty programmes function more or less all in the same way. With every bet you make, you collect loyalty points, sometimes called comp points, and when you get a certain number of points, you move up to a higher level – say from Bronze to Silver.  Some places will enroll you into the programme automatically and you will start at the lowest level, which won’t feel all that special until you start climbing up. At other casinos, you may need to prove your worth and collect those comp points before you get an invitation. Once in a while, there are special promotions where you can double or triple the points you earn, pushing you up the ladder faster. As you move up the levels, you’ll get offered exclusive bonuses, prizes, birthday gifts, game previews, and invites to VIP-only casino races that have much higher jackpots. Usually there will be a personal account manager to help you manage everything. You can sometimes exchange your points for cash, and the exchange rate gets better as you move up the VIP ladder.  And as a VIP, you might also enjoy faster withdrawal times. Generally speaking, you not only get access to exclusive promotions, but you will also get better, personalised service.

What Can You Expect: Some Examples

Alright, it’s clear that on top of bonuses, there’s a lot of extra benefits to being a VIP. But really, what does it entail? Let’s take a look at some actual examples of our favourite VIP clubs from Leo Vegas,, and 888 Casino.

  • Leo Vegas - The award-winning Leo Vegas Casino has a VIP Club that’s relatively easy to get started with. To be considered for it, you have to first say “Yes” to receiving communications from the casino – this can be done from your profile once you’re logged in. Then with every bet you make, you’ll see your progress on a bar which indicates how much further you have to go to become a VIP, or to move up to the next level. Once you get there, you’re eligible for a Monthly Prize Draw, where you can win a cool iPhone from Apple, or tickets to the hottest sporting event, crazy electronic gadgets and so on. The number of tickets you get to the Prize Draw depends on which VIP level you’re on – the higher the level, the more tickets you get, and the greater your chances of winning. And once in a while, an account manager will contact you when he or she thinks there’s a special promotion that you might like – it’s a rather personalised service.
  • - is also rather well known for its excellent VIP program. You start off at the Bronze level. Here you can already exchange loyalty points for a cash bonus; at Bronze, the rate is 100 points to $2.50. You will also receive regular deposit bonuses in addition to exchanging points for cash. When you’ve collected 20,000 points and a minimum $3,000 worth of deposits, you’ll be at the VIP level.  The points to cash bonus exchange rate jumps to 100 points to $13.33 – that’s more than 10x more than the bronze level! And on top of the regular bonuses, you’ll begin to access a fantastic world of higher bonuses, cash backs, and exclusive prizes. There are also special gifts, express withdrawals with higher limits. The VIP Elite status, which requires 50,000 points, will land you invitations to exclusive events that will really make you feel special. For example, some players got to go to the Formula 1 Silverstone, completely on the house – it wasn’t just a ticket to the races, but it also included hotel and catering for a seamless experience. Another event in Perth hosted players to an exquisite dinner with drinks, and everyone left with a brand new iPhone to take home.  We have to say it’s pretty sweet.
  • 888 Casino - The VIP programme at 888 Casino is also rather attractive. It works quite similarly to’s programme, although joining the VIP club is by invitation only. However, it’s not out of your control and there are a few things you can do to get invited, like playing regularly and also with real money, not just with bonuses. Once you become a VIP, you’ll enjoy extra bonuses, promotions with laptops, phones, and holidays, invitations to events, a monthly lucky dip prize and more. Pretty much like what you get at Now, on top of all this, what’s special at 888 is that VIPs can use their comp points to go shopping in the 888 VIP Loyalty Store. There’s plenty to choose from – Apple gadgets, watches and jewellery, smoothie makers. You get the picture – it’s luxurious. And if there’s something you want, but not available, then you can ask the concierge to order it for you. Swank.

 VIP – A Package of Perks

Despite the name, the VIP Bonus is really more than just a bonus. Sure, it’s great to enjoy a higher bonus with better terms because it’s always good to have extra casino credit that will let you withdraw your winnings more easily. But the real deal behind being a VIP is the full package that it comes with. Getting to this status will unlock a whole bunch of extra perks and open doors to travelling and meeting like-minded folks, and a world of new experiences. And all this comes from just playing your favourite games and enjoying yourself. So stop reading and get playing!