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In order to get the maximum enjoyment out of playing at a New Zealand online casino, you don’t need to be a gambling guru, but it is important to have a grasp of the fundamentals of online betting. And while most online casino games are games of chance, there are nevertheless some basic principles that are useful to grasp in order for you to stretch your bankroll as far as possible and maximise your playing time and potential for returns.

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How to benefit from a NZD welcome bonus

You can expect a New Zealand dollar online casino to offer a signup bonus when you register and set up a new real money account. This can often be in the form of a deposit match where the casino matches your initial deposit (or in some cases, several deposits) and can significantly boost your bankroll, sometimes by as much as 200%. You should, however, also take note of the wagering requirement (how many times you need to wager your deposit before you can cash out any of the bonus), as this can affect the overall value of your introductory offer. The industry average is 30x, although it can be as low as 20x or as high as 50x.

Decide on your style of play

Online pokies at a New Zealand dollar online casino will offer a variety of different gameplay styles and so it’s important to know how you want to play before selecting a game. For instance, a low- to medium-volatility poker machine game may give smaller payouts on a more regular basis, while a high-volatility online slot will pay out less often but the wins tend to be bigger. Deciding on the type of slots game you want to play can help you with bankroll management.

Online casino bankroll management

Bankroll management when you’re playing at a New Zealand dollar online casino is essentially about setting yourself limits. These might be by the session, day or week, but what is important is that when you set yourself a limit, you stick to it. It’s also important to have effective bankroll strategies in place for playing different games, as each will require a different approach.

Understanding the House Edge

All online casino games come with a House Edge – that is, the statistical advantage that the casino has over the player. For instance, most online slot machine games have a return to player percentage (RTP) of around 95%. While this is significantly better than you might find in a land-based casino it still nevertheless means, in broad terms, that barring any exceptional jackpot wins, for every $10,000 you wager you can expect to get $9,500 back (or, if you prefer, you can expect to lose $500). There are some bets that have little or no House Edge (although these are rare). One of these is the gamble feature that you can find on some online pokies (like Game of Thrones) which enable you to try to double or even quadruple any winning spin and which have no House Edge. Similarly, there are some craps bets with very little House Edge, such as pass line bets and odds bets, while video poker has a number of bets which offer a RTP of 99.8%, as well as a gamble option which, as with online slots, has no House Edge at all.

Basic strategy and managing your bankroll

Different games require different types of wagers and approaches but unless you have a grasp of a game’s basic strategy and/or a plan to manage your bankroll effectively, you’re not going to get the most from you gaming experience. For instance, there are some useful guidelines to follow when playing New Zealand online casino pokies so that you can play for the maximum possible time while staying within your limits. Betting the maximum number of coins and paylines is always recommended whenever possible with online slots, so the key is to select a coin size that enables you to bet the max but still allows you a decent amount of playing time. As an example, if you set yourself a wagering limit for a session where you’re prepared to lose $200, you should aim to spend no more than 1% (or $2) per spin. If you’re playing a 20 payline slot and you can play 10 coins per payline, then you should select a coin size of 0.01 as this means you are able to bet the max every time. Other New Zealand online casino games likewise require clear strategies to enable you to maximise playing time and keep control of your bankroll.

Knowing when to quit

Knowing when to stop playing is just as important a part of bankroll management strategy as knowing how much to wager. We follow some simple guidelines that have proven to be effective over many years – if you manage to increase your bankroll between 30%-40%, you should consider that you’ve had a major result and quit there and then. However, if you’re in the situation where around 50% of your bankroll has been lost in a single gaming session, that too is the time to shut down your laptop or mobile and walk away.

Set Your Own Limits

If you’re concerned that you might not be able effectively to manage and maintain a bankroll strategy, it is also possible at a growing number of New Zealand dollar online casino sites, such as Jackpot City, to set both deposit and gameplay limits that prevent you from over-extending yourself. Alternatively, players can also request self-exclusion periods where you are prevented from logging into your account for an agreed period of time.

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