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Online casinos recognise that a significant percentage of their customers are diehard Apple Macintosh users. They have never been a majority of personal computers and they never will be. But they are typically well-heeled and informed and that makes them attractive players who needed to be served properly. As a result, there has been a widespread effort to accommodate the Mac crowd and develop a robust range of gaming applications which runs on Apple’s OSX operating system. The result is that Mac devotees can usually access the latest and greatest games through Safari or other web browsers without having to download casino software.

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All About The Best Mac Casinos

Until fairly recently, Mac users had a hard time to accessing online casinos because most casinos offered their games as a software that had to be downloaded and installed – and the software was in PC-targeted executable, or .exe format, which simply don’t run on OSX. However, Mac usage has continued to climb up from single digits and now is hovering around ten percent in some markets. Broadband speeds have vastly improved, allowing more sophisticated graphics and gameplay. While Adobe Flash may be on the way out due to its continuing incompatibility with iOS, it still is a viable platform for games on Mac desktops and laptops. Java, too, is also used as the programming language by some software developers for Macs. Both allow for browser-based, no-download, instant-play casinos. Largely due to user resistance to installing potentially malware-infected downloaded software or viruses, many online casinos now make their games available without downloads. A player on an Apple computer with an up-to-date web browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome can instantly access and enjoy a comprehensive selection of games. Regardless of  which Apple device you’re on – be it the Macbook Pro or Macbook Air laptops or an iMac desktop – all you need is a decent internet connection and the latest software installed, and off you go to enjoy the highest quality gaming action, an achievement which just a few years ago simply wasn’t doable.

Advantages of Mac casinos

The Mac OSX is, by design, far less vulnerable to malware and viruses, in part because Apple has been far more strict in controlling what can be downloaded to a Mac. This restrictive policy has been a source of both celebration and frustration by Mac users.  The difficulty to find downloadable casino games in particular might have aggravated them, but at least they were not easily exposing their computer to potential hazardous software. Instead of fighting with Apple to get their games past the restrictive censor which guarded the purity of the Macintosh, the solution online casino operators found for Mac was simply to avoid requiring game downloads altogether. Since there are no downloads involved, it means that there is a high degree of security when you’re playing casino games on a Mac. In addition, not needing to store the casino software means that there is no need to use up precious space on your Mac’s hard drive. Your banking details in gaming accounts, or even the fact that you use gaming software, are not stored locally either, so you’re less susceptible to having your financial information and privacy compromised when you’re playing at a no-download casino, whether you’re on a Mac or PC. Gaming action on a Mac compatible casino does not cut corners. You typically get the complete spectrum of casino games, and the game play is no less shabby than what is available to PC owners via downloaded software.  Getting started is also very straightforward, typically you just have to click on the “Instant Play” button or, sometimes by clicking on a Mac Compatible button, such as is done at the Jackpot City Casino.

Mobile Casinos for Mac – iOS

Many of these casinos work on both the desktop OSX computers, as well as on iPhones and iPads, which run on iOS. Because these mobile casinos only require a web browser and internet connection, you can access the same casino games on your phone or iPad from Safari.

Final Words on Mac Casinos

By investing in the development of instant-play casinos, online casinos operators have clearly made a long term commitment to supporting the relatively small but highly influential Mac-loving population. Not supporting Mac is simply out of the question for serious gaming developers and the casinos they serve. If Mac casinos were once the “poor stepchild” relative to the Windows-based half-sibling, they have since clear ‘caught up.’ Now there is really no discernible difference whether you’re playing on a HTML5 or Flash-based casino in, or in the PC-based download version, in terms of the range of titles offered, the ease of use, and the quality of the HD graphics and sounds. If anything, the Mac – designed from the start as a lifestyle, education, and entertainment hub – renders the vision of the game designers and developers with higher fidelity. The Mac casinos which we recommend – like All Slots, Platinum Play and Royal Vegas – offer a first-class gaming experience to those on Macs.  And not only is the game play flawless, but you can also rest assured that your computer’s security isn’t compromised.

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