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The online casinos that we recommend give players the opportunity to sample a range of free online pokies. Whether it’s a new release or simply a game that you haven’t played before, this can provide a good opportunity to try the game without having to dip into your bankroll – or in some cases, even to open an account at a site. Playing free pokies in demo mode means you can check out for free a pokie’s game play, graphics and other special features in order to decide whether it’s the right game for you without having to make any sort of commitment. It can also be good way of sampling an online casino’s layout and functionality before you choose whether to deposit real money.

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Why Play Free Online Pokies?

One of the main benefits to be gained from playing online pokies for free is that you can always play the game with the maximum coin size and the maximum number of paylines, meaning you can experience the full range of bonus features and additional bonus rounds which in some games is only possible when betting the max. Alternatively, if you play pokies simply for the entertainment value, then free online pokies give you the chance to do this without worrying about what it’s doing to your credit balance.

Added to this is the fact that playing for free doesn’t mean a watered-down gaming experience – free online pokies include the same features, high-quality graphics, paylines and range of coin sizes as you get when playing for real money.

Playing Online Free Slots For Fun

If you have Adobe Flash on your desktop, or are using any type of Java-enabled mobile device or tablet, you will be able to access free online pokies in demo mode. Where you’re able to find free pokies will vary from site to site, but at most sites the process is largely the same:

  • click on the games and/or pokies menu
  • click on Instant Play
  • when prompted, click the demo play or trial play button

When the game you’ve chosen loads, you’ll find that you’ve instantly been awarded demo credits. The number of credits will vary from site to site and game to game, while in some cases the amount of demo credit you have to play with will change depending on the coin size you choose. Winnings go into this demo balance to continue playing with, although it’s not possible to transfer your balance across to another free pokie.

Play Online Pokies for Real Money

While there is a good deal of entertainment value to be had from playing free online pokies, it doesn’t match the experience of playing the game for real.

For instance, not every online pokie is available to play for free in demo mode – this is particularly the case with some older games that might have been developed before online casinos started employing Flash technology on a large scale. In addition, progressive jackpot games aren’t able to be played for free – a casino account and playing for real money is necessary to gain access into these enormous jackpot pools. Playing for free also means that you’re missing out on accruing valuable loyalty points and so you can’t take advantage of the free casino credits, faster withdrawal times and prizes that on offer as part of these schemes.

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Free Spins

Another great way to enjoy free online pokies is to take advantage of one of the free spin or no deposit bonuses on offer at our recommended online casinos. Some of these sites offer free spins as part of their Welcome Bonus, either as a no deposit bonus or once you make a first deposit into a new account.

In instances where you get offered free spins as part of your Welcome Bonus for setting up a new account and making a deposit, the number of spins might vary from between 10x – 100x and will usually be on a specific game. However, it’s important to note that any winnings from these free spins will be subject to a playthrough requirement, so you should check these details before committing.

With a no deposit free spins bonus, these are available once you set up a new account but before you make an initial deposit. Again, these will usually be on a particular game but there will be a time limit on how long you have to take advantage of them (often seven days). There will usually be a limit on how much you’re able to win with these free spins and winnings will usually be subject to a wagering requirement before they can be withdrawn.

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Free Pokies
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