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Quickspin Online Games


A Swedish game studio founded in 2011, Quickspin casinos software platform focuses on play-anywhere video pokies for real money and free social games. The company first grabbed attention with its quirky artwork and innovative game play concepts. Focusing only on pokies, and developing only in HTML5 for seamless play within the browsers of any computing and mobile device, Quickspin quickly carved out a niche for itself by demonstrating innovation and creativity in its themes.  The company has recently complemented its game offerings with a solid gamification offering that rewards loyal players for various achievements during the pokie play. Quickspin was acquired by Playtech in 2016, but the company still retains its unique identity and distinctive design flair.

A Small but Impressive Portfolio

The Quickspin portfolio consists of just over a dozen titles. Well-known Quickspin casino games include Dragon Shrine, King Colossus, and Big Bad Wolf. More recent releases include the oriental styled Sakura Fortune, the Irish-themed Leprechaun Hills and the fun and funky Hot Sync. A quick survey of these games shows why Quickspin is known for being clever in concept, whimsical in design, and fun to play.

  • Big Bad Wolf turns the classic kids’ story on its head, remaking the huffing, puffing wolf as the hero of the tale. You see the reels are covered with bricks, and only by blowing the prudent piggy’s bricks away do you reveal the many wilds, scatters and bonus. A clever twist to make the pork-loving canine into the one who will bring home the bacon.
  • Leprechaun Hills will transport you on a magical trip to the Emerald Isle, with an Ireland-themed adventure, which will lead you, hopefully, over the free-spin rainbow to the legendary pot of gold. The game illustration is detailed and playful, especially when it comes to the mischievous little elves who possess the knowledge (as well as the bonuses and re-spins) you need to get blimey rich. All you need is a little luck of the Irish!
  • Spinions, a clever spin on the minions from the Despicable Me franchise, transports you to an endless summer of beach parties in a game world populated by skimpily clad, wild ‘n’ crazy … onions? It’s not really clear which species the blog-like creature really are but, no matter, they will show you a good time. Best of all, true to their name, they will reward you with abundant spins and respins. If you get lucky, you might even get invited to a bonus game at an anything-goes nightclub where the spinions really loose. Maybe this is how Swedes view spring break in remote Florida but, even if a little over the top in silliness, it’s great gaming fun.
  • Sakura Fortune builds on ancient Japanese traditions and injects some ultra-modern gaming techniques to transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun, where your picnic at the Hanami Festival under the flowering sakura tree is believed to bring you good fortune for the whole year, or at least for your game. The expertly-realized graphics and the integration of Quickspin’s latest gamification techniques adds adrenaline-infused drama to an epic battle between a beautiful sword-carrying princess and a host of allies and enemies.

Although a dozen-plus online casinos, including some big names, have integrated the Quickspin pokie platform directly, the company’s games are more likely to be discovered in the wild on the Microgaming QuickFire platform, which enabled Quickspin to reach a much wider audience and, no doubt, attract the mighty Playtech’s attention.  Another mass-market venue in which Quickspin titles can be found is Plumbee’s Mirrorball Slots, a game app found on Facebook. Quickspin slot games have clearly wowed industry insiders, and Playtech obviously, with first-class workmanship and production values.  The company stands out for its distinctive graphic design look and feel, especially in thematic illustration, and perfectionist artwork.

Mobile Pokie Focus

As a relatively new kid on the casino software block, Quickspin clearly made prudent choices in focusing on areas where it could stake a strong position. It develops only slots, ignoring table games, sportsbooks and other casino options. It does not touch PC download software or Flash, focusing instead on the lighter weight and more universal HTML5 for mobile-friend browser based play.  The benefits for the player is pure fun: the games are lightweight and entertaining, with minimal load times and virtually flawless execution for pokies on the go.

Achievements Engine Gamification

In 2017, the company launched its Achievements Engine, an innovative gamification module designed and developed to help casinos engage and retain players by providing more fun and rewarding experience. Marketed as Quickspin Promote, the engine makes use of six unique game events that take place in all Quickspin pokies, such as the appearance of a scatter or win with two wild symbols, rewarding players with tokens which they can accumulate and redeem later, such as to trigger the game’s bonus feature, such as free spins, re-spins, side games, and more. First integrated in Sakura Fortune, the gamification module also provides a strong token tracking component.  Players can easily track their token totals as well as claim and collect rewards on a designated page within the pokie. The extra tokens and bonus features give players the feeling that they have a tool providing an extra measurable advantage over time.  A very nice lightweight feature set that should make pokie play even more enjoyable.

Bottom Line

The acquisition of Quckspin by Playtech in 2016 attests to the respect that the Swedish design studio managed to achieve in its prior five years of existence. By focusing only on video slots and browser-based HTML5 games, the company became a well-regarded boutique design studio which won praise all around for its small but impressive collection of professionally designed, innovative real-money and free social games. While the acquisition raises question about the Swedish group’s ability to maintain its unique identity and innovative street-cred, so far indications are that Playtech intends to allow Quickspin to keep following the winning formula that it has managed to do so well till now: crafting clever, colorful, often sweet-and-silly games which are fun and satisfying to play!

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