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Betsoft Online Casinos


Gaming software developer Betsoft, founded way back in 1999, bet the farm on adding a new dimension to online casino game play. The company invested in developing a line of games featuring 3D graphics, sometimes ear-popping audio and fluid gameplay, which creates a distinctive and engaging experience. Still, you probably won’t think you have stumbled on a Hollywood production when you come across a Betsoft 3D pokie or poker game. The artistry and dimensionality can be at times impressive, immersing you in whatever thematic world the game designers have imagined for your immersive play experience. At its very best, it’s like the difference between watching a movie on your old TV at home and seeing it in 3D with Dolby in the VIP theatre at the mall. And you won’t need goggles to feel a sense of depth, thanks to the strong programming and clever design. In addition to its trademarked Slots3™ video pokies and fully Poker3™ offerings, Betsoft offers classic and somewhat tamer casino favorites and table games like Roulette, Keno, and Lottery. The familiar offerings are fine, but the company really prides itself in the game lines that add the extra dimension. To listen to its self-promotion, you might be forgiven you are watching a production from Dreamworks or Pixar. In reality, as we will see, it’s a little less dimensional than that.  In all, the software developer offers some 150 plus titles of various kinds, 2D and 3D.

Mobile ToGo™

The other area where Betsoft stands out is in its recent focus on mobile, with its ToGo™ line of pokies. No doubt this move was needed to adapt from the Flash-based games which the company originally developed to mobile-friendly versions. Device-optimized for ioS, Android and Windows Phone, the product line has produced more than its fair share of hits, such as Mr. Vegas, The Slotfather, and Greedy Goblins. These mobile versions adapt the Slots3 games to load faster and play smoothly on any smartphone or tablet. This is no small feat, especially when dealing with such intensive graphics, pulsing soundtracks, relatively complex gameplay and dimensional animations.

Betsoft 3D Slots

Let’s lay it on the table: clearly not every player will like every Betsoft video slot. Some of the artistic choices and game themes rely on caricatures and cinematic stereotypes that some will find offensive or banal. While the sound effects occasionally may amuse or jolt you to jump, let’s face it: the music compositions are not likely to win a Grammy. Let’s plunge ahead, though, and take a quick look at some examples (or lack thereof) of the good, the bad, and the ugly (you guess which are which!) of the software developer’s in-your-face artistry. One thing you will find is that the desktop versions, based on Flash, take a longer than usual time to load the more extensive graphics and animations in these pokies. Once loaded, they’re fine. Mobile users should not suffer on the ToGo versions.

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FrankenSlots Monster

If you’re a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture show, the look and feel of this one may appeal to you. There are some clever if hackneyed movie tropes here. The good Dr. Frankenstein – looking here a bit like a bite-sized version of ‘Doc’ Brown from Back to the Future -- presides over his creepy little lab.  The outsized Monster strains at his chains until he is given a good jolt and then does an impressive little 3D dance. The reels are a less remarkable, with standard A, K, Q, J, 10 symbols and some garishly colored Wild and Scatter animations. Bonus games also take their sweet time to load, though the bonus can be quite lucrative, with plenty of free spins to be had. In short: B-movie entertainment.

Good Girls, Bad Girls

The predominantly male players of online games will respond to the sexy theme of this video pokie. You know the score, guys: there are two types of dame in this world: good and bad, and often they come packed in the same girl. You have a choice of being Good (accessing safe but more moderate bonuses) or Bad (accessing riskier but possibly more rewarding wilds and extras) or you can go for Combo play, where you can experience both. In combo mode, you have hell on the right and heaven on the left, with the ladies competing for your affection. If you choose the Bad Girl, you get to choose her Glowing Box at your own risk and, potentially, reward. If you choose the Good Girl, you go to Heaven with her and can spin a wheel of fortune to win extra coins.

The Tipsy Tourist

Our hero is living in the dreary office cubicle rat-race, doing the dismal 9-5 till he sees the chance to get tickets to Miami and liberate himself into tropical paradise, with a margarita in his hand and a cute buxom babe on his arm. And, of course, a cool video pokie to fuel his jet set lifestyle and sudden deep pockets. Overall, it’s a pleasing and somewhat amusing scenario, but not exactly 3D at the Pixar-Dreamworks level. It looks almost as flat as the cup of beer which serves as the bonus symbol. But, all in all, a laid-back and winning weekend for the tipsy tourist!

Bottom Line

These three pokie examples pokies may not be representative of the entire spectrum of products in the flagship 3Slots range. The titles reflect a range of drama and creativity from the design side. Like many gaming products from a given software developer, they are built on the same basic engine with diverse graphics and animation to spice things up and give each video slot its unique character. While the games with most 3D complexity (literally) stand out, other pokies are tamer and less dramatically dimensional. Still, the overall impression made by its portfolio is that the veteran Betsoft, following its track record of constant innovation, has found a winning gaming formula and is wisely moving toward more lightweight mobile games to replace its original (again, literally) heavy investment in Flash.

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