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POLi Casinos for Kiwis

Poli Casinos

One of the most popular online debit payment systems available in New Zealand, POLi is widely accepted as a deposit method by a large number of the online casinos we feature.

  • It has been available for over a decade now and in that time has widened its reach so that it can also be used to purchase goods and services, as well as pay bills, at a large number of retailers and service providers.
  • Yet another excellent alternative to using your credit card, POLi serves as an intermediary between your internet banking account and the online casino of your choice, keeping both neatly separate.
  • And the best thing: It doesn’t require creating a new account.

See our list below of the best New Zealand POLi online casinos.

Best POLi online casinos for Kiwis

POLi is popular with online casino players because it gives you greater levels of privacy than many other comparable payment systems. For instance, you don’t need to register, nor do you need a username and password, and as long as you have an online bank account with a bank that supports POLi, you can use the service, with no fees attached. The New Zealand banks that support POLi are:

  • ANZ
  • ASB
  • BankDirect
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Kiwibank
  • TSB Bank
  • Westpac

POLi is therefore ideal for those people who don’t have a credit or debit card, or perhaps just prefer not to use one for online gaming or other purchases. Also, if you want additional privacy, funds leaving your bank account only show as being transferred to POLi on your statements — the final destination of your cash is not revealed. In addition, POLi never captures nor retains any of your bank log in or username details during the transfer process.

Significantly, POLi can be best used to complement the use of e-wallets. Some players, often for privacy reasons, don’t want to connect their e-wallet account directly with a bank account or credit card — in this case, they can use POLi to move money from their bank to their e-wallet without having to share their details with the e-wallet provider.

Also, because POLi can’t be used for withdrawals but e-wallets can, some players choose to use POLi and e-wallets together in tandem in order to get the best of both worlds — the security and privacy that POLi offers (which is beyond that which you get with an e-wallet), while at the same time benefiting from the convenience and speed of being able to withdraw money from your casino account into your e-wallet instantly, without your financial details being known by anyone other than your bank, or waiting for long periods of time for payments to be processed.

Furthermore, some players also choose POLi because it means you’re always playing with your own money, rather than taking up a line of credit, giving you greater control over your finances. In addition, POLi is widely accepted at a large number of online retailers across the country, big and small, and so many players like it for this added layer of convenience and accessibility, and to protect themselves when making all sorts of purchases online.

Setting up a POLi account

Registering for an account is not actually necessary to use POLi. Instead, if you want to add funds to your casino account, you in fact do so via the casino site — this in turn re-directs you to POLI, which then acts as a third-party intermediary between your casino and bank accounts in order to make the deposit.

The same applies to any retailer who accepts POLi — if you choose that as your payment method, you are then prompted to log into your online bank account, using the same username and password as you normally use, and this eliminates the need for yet another set of log in details.

Because you don’t actually have a POLi account as such, and just use the service whenever you require it, there is much greater security as well, as you are not saving or storing your banking data on any third party servers, meaning there is one less potential location from which it can be hacked or stolen.

How to make a deposit at a POLi casino

It is easy and straightforward to make a deposit into your casino account using POLi. There may be some small variations in the process from casino to casino, but generally speaking you can expect to follow these steps:

  • click on the Banking tab
  • open the deposit method drop-down menu
  • click on POLi
  • enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • then click on Proceed
  • you will then be redirected to a new and separate screen, where you will be prompted to log into your online bank account, using your regular username and password
  • a pre-populated pull-down menu will appear, that includes all of your accessible accounts
  • select the bank account that you want to use to make your deposit
  • confirm that you want to make this payment
  • a receipt will automatically be generated, confirming the details of your payment
  • you will redirected back to the casino Banking page

It’s important to remember that none of the above information (e.g., your account names or numbers, your log in details, etc.) are accessible by the casino, and nor are they recorded or stored in any way by POLi.

Why use POLi?

There are several advantages that players find to using POLi for their payment transfers and deposits:

  • First of all, POLi is supported across all major operating systems (e.g., Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android) and all major modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 or above, Google Chrome, Firefox 12 or above and Apple Safari 5 or above. This means you can use POLi no matter what sort of device you are playing on — desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • There are also the highest levels of online security and HTTPS protocols in place that prevent either a casino, a retailer, or any other third party, from accessing or storing your bank log in details when you use POLi to transfer money. And no matter where you’re using POLi — at a casino or any other type of online business — at no stage is your personal banking information recorded, meaning you have total security and anonymity.
  • In addition, POLi is useful for purposes other than playing at an online casino. For instance, it’s accepted by a large number of major New Zealand online retailers and service providers, such as Shopify, Air New Zealand, Virgin Blue, Hutt City, The Warehouse, Harvey World Travel, Jet Star, PB Technologies, Intercity, Nakedbus, Interislander, Postie and Top 10 Holiday Parks. The NZ Transport Agency also enables you to use POLi to pay for vehicle licensing, road tolls, road user charges and other services, while you can also use POLi to make secure international money transfers via moneymoveit.
  • Finally, one of the biggest benefits of using POLi is that it is entirely fee free — you aren’t charged to use the service, you don’t get hit with credit card surcharges or processing fees, and you also receive a receipt immediately you make a payment, so you can always keep on top of your where your money is going.


The only significant drawback with using POLi is that you can’t use it to withdraw funds from your online casino account. However, as explained above, if you use POLi in conjunction with an e-wallet, you actually gain a good deal — you don’t have to share your bank or credit card details with your e-wallet (one less place from which this info can be hacked), but you also get the benefit of the fastest possible payout times, which you get when using an e-wallet. We therefore think that using POLi to top up your e-wallet, and then using that to deposit money into your casino account (so that you can also withdraw back to it as well) is the ideal solution — convenient and accessible, but also providing unmatched levels of security and privacy, and allowing you to be virtually anonymous online, should you want to be.

  • Published date: 2015-06-17 08:05
  • Modified date: 2019-12-31 14:22