Most Popular Casino Payment Options in new Zealand

Playing casino games online requires you to approach gaming in a digitally savvy manner. You cannot get away from the fact that online casino play revolves around money transfers. Both depositing cash into your casino account and withdrawing your winnings must be done as safely and conveniently as possible.  

For this reason, online casinos partner with multiple third-party payment solutions and banking methods to ensure that all their players have the means to transact effectively. 

New Zealanders, like players from all other countries, have specific needs. Kiwis need to be able to transact with online casinos in NZ$ currency to minimise the exchange costs and make wagering a simple affair. There are no worries for Kiwis though, as there are ample options for them to get by on. 

Simply select from our list of the best payment options for New Zealand players below to move your money safely and efficiently. 

Secure Methods

Security is the main concern when making online payments. Therefore, all top casinos offer a range of PCI approved methods that are designed with the best Secure Socket Layer security protocols, offering you bank-level security each time you transact.

Read through the list below for some of the most popular ways of transacting at Kiwi Casinos.

Bank Transfers

Doing a bank transfer is probably one of the safest ways to make a deposit and withdrawal at an online casino. It necessitates that you release funds directly from your personal banking account. Withdrawals are made directly from the casinos account back to your personal bank account.

There are two ways of conducting these transfers. A Wire Transfer can be released by your bank on your authorisation, but you will need to go into the branch physically to make the payment. A more convenient way nowadays is to simply sign in to your online banking app and make the casino a beneficiary. You can then authorise an electronic funds transfer (EFT) at the click of a button.

Both deposits and withdrawals can take anywhere between 2 and 5 days to reflect after the payment has been administered, so this is not the best method if time is of the essence.


  • Safe Transaction
  • Familiar Protocols


  • Costly Exchange rate costs
  • Slow transaction times


While cheques are accepted at a few online casinos, more and more operators are doing away with this sort of payment method.

This method requires you to fill out a personal cheque and either post it to the casino or deposit it into the casino’s bank account, by visiting a corresponding branch. This is not easy to do when the operator is in another country, which is always the case for Kiwis.

Cheques can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to clear once they have been banked. Posting the cheque delays the process even more.


  • Cheques are not transferrable and therefore very safe forms of payment.


  • Cheques take extremely long to clear, which delays when your credits will be available in your account to play with.

Credit/Debit Cards

Most casinos accept payments from and allow you to make withdrawals using credit cards and certain debit cards. While very few accept Diners Club and American Express Cards, many of them will accept your Visa and Mastercard options.

Credit card deposits will enable you to play with yourcasinocredits almost instantly, while withdrawals could take between 3 and 5 days to settle in your account. There are concerns around leaving card details on form submissions online, as it leaves you vulnerable to credit card fraud. On the whole, with new security innovations, this method of banking is quite safe.


  • Familiar purchasing protocol
  • Fast deposits
  • High spend limits


  • Lengthy withdrawal times
  • Data leak could cost you
  • Costly transactions on big amounts


E-Wallets (Electronic Wallets) are virtual third-party accounts that allow you to process funds to and from online casinos via an extra layer of protection. The wallet is linked to and credited by your bank account or credit card.

Once loaded with money, the payment option allows you to make deposits and withdrawals in record time without supplying your vulnerable banking information to the casino site.

The most popular e-wallets used by Kiwis at New Zealand Casinos are Skrill and Paypal. Skrill is specifically more casinofriendly and has far less red tape involved when withdrawing funds.


  • Instant deposits
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Low costs


  • Some casino bonuses cannot be claimed using an e-wallet, so be sure to read the bonus policy before using Paypal or Skrill.

Instant BankTransfers

Several companies provide instant banking transfers. The primary Kiwi-friendly option is called POLi.

These third-party services provide an extra layer of security for you when making deposits at an online casino. By selecting the payment method, their proxy server will allow you to login to your personal New Zealand Bank account and release deposit payments in realtime to the casino.

This way you avoid the normal waiting periods incurred with normal bank transfers. Your banking details are never inputted or revealed to the casino site using this method.


  • Instant deposits
  • Free service
  • Added security to bank transfer


  • Cannot withdraw funds from the casino with this method.

Prepaid Vouchers/Cards

Prepaid vouchers like Paysafecard are popular among Kiwi casino goers. These vouchers offer instant deposits to an online casino without you needing to enter any sensitive personal data or banking details into the system.

Purchase your voucher online or over the counter at a supporting retail vendor and turn cash into your medium of payment for online gambling. These vouchers are transferrable and can be redeemed easily at the casino by submitting the voucher code on the cashier’s page.


  • Use cash to fund your account
  • Instant deposit
  • Transferable to a friend before use (when bought at the store)


  • No withdrawal options
  • Added effort to purchase the card
  • Transferability of a physical voucher means that it can be stolen and used just like cash


Making deposits and withdrawals is a breeze at Kiwi casinos thanks to the variety of payment options available. You can now choose a banking solution that suits you the most. Make your money transfers the least of your worries with our recommended CasinoKiwi selection of solutions.

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