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The popularity of online casino has been continuing to boom for around two decades, but now there’s an even bigger phenomenon taking us by storm: mobile casino! And who else would be at the forefront of app development than Android, the world’s most popular operating system. Casinos are now desperately searching for experienced developers to help them craft the perfect casino app for their customers. It’s true that plenty of websites are being designed (or redesigned) using HTML5 for mobile optimisation, but there’s something about gambling on an Android-specific app which surpasses that experience. First-rate apps are now appearing for entire casinos, as well as for specific games like blackjack, pokies and progressive jackpots. If you’re an Android user, you’re in luck: we’ve compiled a list of our recommended Android casino apps at which you’re guaranteed a fantastic playing experience.

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How We Review Apps

There’s no single recipe for the perfect Android casino app; however, there are definite features and functions which must be addressed. At CasinoKiwi, the first thing we always do when reviewing apps is actually download them. We couldn’t possibly give a proper review or rating of an app without trying, testing and exploring the app first-hand. Simplicity is another thing: how easy is the app to find, download and install? Now that real-money casino apps are available through the Google Play store (aka the Android app store) they are easier to find than ever. Games must be well-optimised visually, with high quality audio and – preferably – all the functionality available on the desktop version. If it’s a casino app (rather than a specific game), then the pokies and table games selection should be quite varied. Basically we look at everything, including a few less tangible features like the complexity of the UI and how the app feels, and use all of that information to form a robust, unbiased review.

Free Casino Apps

To help you keep up with the trends, we maintain a complete list of the latest and greatest Android casino app releases right here on our site. Download and use any these apps by clicking on the links below – you won’t regret it!

Online Casino with Android Apps

As a rule in 2017, the best apps are being developed by longstanding and successful casinos who already have a high-performing desktop site and a strong player base. This makes sense, since they can dedicate resources to a new project without hampering their income elsewhere. For the best, established online casinos with Android apps, check out our recommended casinos below!

All About Android Apps

As we’ve already said, the most reliable way to choose an Android casino app is to follow our recommendations in the previous tables. However, if you want some standards against which to measure other casinos, think about the following.

App-Specific Bonuses

This is one of the coolest aspects of gambling on a dedicated mobile app: unique, exclusive bonus offers! Particularly when it comes to pokies, casinos are just desperate to offload free spins, bonus cash and other extras as soon as you sign up. Any casino which offers a generous app-specific bonus is worth considering!

Apps vs Mobile Sites

This is the real debate at the minute: do apps give you a better playing experience than mobile-optimised websites? Since developers are creating games for use with a specific operating system, they should be able to make the absolute most out of the device’s specs. However, if we’re talking apps for specific games, unless you only have 1-2 you ever play, a centralised casino lobby might be more valuable. This is all personal opinion!

How to Download Apps

Real-money casino apps have just recently been given the green light by Google and are now available to download in their apps store! Choices will be limited right now, but over the next few months you can expect dozens of casinos to worm their way through. From the Play Store, you simply hit “download” and then “install” and that’s it, job’s a good’un. Alternatively, serious casinos will have a section of their website dedicated to the mobile app. You should be able to just click the little “Android” icon or enter your phone number and get the download started.

Are Android Apps Legal?

The only potential “legality” issue around Android apps was when Google refused to allow them through their app store. Even then, that was just a moral choice from Google – the apps are completely legal and above-board. In order to avoid rogue apps by phishers or scammers (though these are not common), it’s best to stick to our recommended options or other verified casinos. If you can do that, then you’ll never have an ounce of trouble!


Apple and their iOS Casinos led the way for a number of years, but Android has now well-and-truly caught them up. They are a major player in the smart devices world, and casinos should be racing to get their own apps designed, implemented and polished as soon as possible. If you’re on Android and enjoy gambling, it’s time you got involved.

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