A Beginners Guide to Online Baccarat!

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If you’re acquainted with live dealer casinos, you know there’s a game called Baccarat. It’s common across all live dealers. It has a pretty low house edge compared to other games as well. But what are the strategies?

Baccarat: What You Need to Know

Baccarat is such an online game that anyone can play. There are no complex strategies or requirements that you have to meet. All you have to do is start the game by buying chips from the dealer and place bets.

The Easiest Casino Game?

It’s widely believed that baccarat is one of the best and easiest casino games. As there are no complex strategies included, the player doesn’t have to do any complex thinking. The dealer present at the moment will take care of the bets and hands.

If you’re playing at a conventional baccarat table, you have the chance to deal with your own cards a few times, but you can skip this step if you want to. In a mini or mid baccarat table, the game is entirely conducted by the dealer. It’s very similar to a blackjack table.

When you’re done with placing the bet, the dealer has one hand for the player and another for the banker. As the bet is resolved, the dealer sorts the wagers and pays the winner. Your job in the entire process is to place a bet and hope for the best.


So, the strategies of the baccarat game come into play when you’re placing the bet. The term ‘house edge’ means how much the casino expects to win. Both parties will win some and lose some. The casino will always try to win more. As a consequence, you will lose more than you win.

But it can be altered with the strategies. There are three betting options in baccarat which will effectively help to reduce the house edge.

The hand of the banker comes with a 1.06% house edge. The banker bets are required to pay a commission, usually around the 5% range. The house edge is inclusive of the commission and the dealer makes sure that it’s collected.

The hand of the player has a house edge of 1.24% and there’s no commission to account for.

The last one is a tie. It’s the worst of the bunch and the house edge is not constant. It varies depending on the payout amount. It’s the worst in almost all cases. So, you should always avoid betting on a tie.

You might be presented with a side betting option at some online casinos while playing baccarat. Each casino might have a different name and rule for side bets, but all of them have a higher house edge. So, side bets should be avoided as well.

The only thing you need to remember is to put a bet on the banker’s hand. This way, you have a minimal chance of losing.

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