Top Casinos You Need to Visit

For gamblers, nothing beats placing bets and winning big in the most beautiful gaming halls around the world.

From some the oldest gambling establishments to the largest casinos in the world, you can’t miss out on visiting these top casinos for the ultimate gambling vacation.

Luxor Las Vegas

Looking across the Las Vegas skyline, it’s difficult to miss the Luxor Las Vegas, a 30-story hotel and casino in the shape of a pyramid from Ancient Egypt. At night, 42.3 billion lumen light up the Luxor Sky Beam, the strongest beam of light in the world. Inside the casino’s gambling halls, you’ll find over 2,000 slot machines and 87 table games.

Casino de Monte Carlo

As one of the world’s oldest casinos, the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco attracts the world’s elite to its extravagant gaming halls. Built in 1856, the casino’s Beaux-Art style architecture has a beautiful facade. Inside, the casino contains sophisticated table games like European roulette, English roulette, trente et quarante, punto banco, chemin de fer, blackjack, and poker. You can also play classics like craps, video poker, and slot machines.

The Venetian Resorts in Macao and Las Vegas

Imagine lying back in a gondola along the canals of Venice. Afterwards, you step off the boat into a casino filled with resplendent table games and slot machines. That’s the experience you get at the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino and the Venetian Macao. Both complexes recreate the canals of Venice, Italy. You can even sail around in boats along canals in a life-size imitation of Venice. The luxurious Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino is located on the Las Vegas Strip and contains 36 stories and rises 475 feet (145 m).

Meanwhile, its sister resort, The Venetian Macao represents the largest casino in the entire world with over 550,000 sq. ft. (51,000 square meters) of gaming space.

Casinò di Venezia

Meanwhile, in the real Venice, you can visit one of the world’s oldest casinos, the 400-year old Casinò di Venezia. Built in 1509, the spacious Renaissance-style palace first served as a home to Venetian nobles. It became a gambling house in 1638. Today, you can still place bets in the historical gaming rooms filled with roulette tables or even modern games like Texas hold’em. As you play, beautiful paintings and chandeliers add to the atmosphere of this breathtaking building.

Casino Wiesbaden

Gambling establishments like Casino Wiesbaden in Southern Germany provide the ultimate vacation destination. The old Kurhaus Casino Wiesbaden dates back to 1810. The gorgeous grounds have a grand colonnade in its entrance with Corinthian columns overlooking a grass covered square with two enormous fountains. This resort has it all including casinos, a spa, theater, restaurants, concert halls, and banquet halls for the ultimate gambling vacation.

Crockfords Club

Gambling has been an age old tradition in the United Kingdom dating back over 2,000 years. The first casinos appeared in England around the 19th century with members-only gaming clubs. The Crockfords Club in London opened in 1826. Elite members of British aristocracy would gather to gamble and socialize inside its gaming halls. The casino still operates in Mayfair providing luxury gambling with high stakes rooms and private rooms. You can also enjoy classic games like blackjack, baccarat, and poker. From century old gaming halls to modern marvels, the top casinos worldwide provide the ultimate vacation for gamblers. Whether you want to enjoy the luxury of casinos in Monaco or have a blast at the slots in Las Vegas, you can have it all at the world’s top casino resorts.