Online Casinos vs Land-Based Casinos: A Short Endeavor

The concept of casinos has been present for a very long time now. Which was once a medium of passing leisure time has become a billion-dollar industry over time. The casino culture has even upgraded itself to online. But what are the differences between an online casino and a land-based casino?

The Casino Experience

In order to deeply understand the relationship or the differences between online casinos and land-based casinos, you have to experience both or at least one of them. You might have played in online casinos for quite some time wondering how a real casino would feel. The same goes for people with opposite experiences. There are a few facts that differentiate an online casino from a land-based casino. We’ll look at them one at a time and debunk any myths surrounding each of them.

The Atmosphere

The first and most obvious thing that differs is the atmosphere. A land-based casino often has a very flashy atmosphere with a lot of crowds. It’s a luxurious place for people who are looking for entertainment, entertainment and, you guessed it right, entertainment! Land-based casinos offer a more personal touch catered to fit the need of the players. There are food, drinks, and other recreational activities that you can enjoy in a land-based casino. But keep in mind, you have to spend a lot at the same time to experience such luxury. An online casino, on the other hand, is a pure source of entertainment for players who enjoy the games. There are hundreds of games from different software providers, all in one place. Even live dealer games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc. You might not get the luxurious treatment in person, but you’ll sure enjoy your time with all those games, and bonuses!


Online casinos are by far the most convenient way of enjoying some pure casino games. You don’t have to leave your home or book a seat at the poker table. You can just log in from your phone or computer and have a blast. On the other hand, you have to leave your home, use a mode of transportation to reach a land-based casino, and probably wait in a line to get in. It might be fun for a lot of you out there, but it’s for sure not convenient.

New Games

If you’re a hunter for new releases from different software providers, an online casino is your best bet. Online casinos are very prompt in displaying new games as they have pre-existing contracts with software providers. Also, you can experience any new title as a demo in most online casinos. It’s a feature no land-based casino will offer you. So, get yourself an account at your favourite online casino to enjoy new and amazing titles. Read our reviews to choose the best online casino for you.

Promotions and Bonuses

Online casinos trump land-based casinos in this regard as well. Almost every online casino in New Zealand offers various bonuses and promotions for the players. The welcome bonus is a great promotion for new players who hope to join an online casino. Then there are VIP perks that you can get at an online casino. Most casinos offer some sort of loyalty points against the amount you wager. The more points you can collect, the higher you can go in the VIP ladder. The better rank you have, the more perks you can enjoy like a personal manager, easy access to high-rolling tables, and so on. A land-based casino can offer promotions as well. Especially, the VIP promotions at land-based casinos are often an amazing experience. You can get yourself an exclusive executive who will take care of your needs. You earn special privileges such as discounts on food, parking, etc.

The Location & The Law

It’s a massive issue when it comes to casinos. To enjoy a land-based casino, you need to have one in your locality. If you’re visiting a foreign country, it might not be an issue for you. But for some people, it is. Not every country in the world allows casinos to operate on its land. It’s a problem when your government doesn’t let casinos to open brick and mortar facilities in the country. But online casinos are free of this hassle. While governments can keep land-based casinos from operating, they can’t stop an online casino operating from overseas. However, there are still legislative restrictions in some countries, but it’s very unlikely that a country’s residents won’t be able to access and online casino.

Why Online Casinos Are Better?

While land-based casinos do offer a lot of adventures and perks for the hardcore casino fans, most people will choose an online casino over a land-based casino. Because:

  • It’s more convenient
  • More diverse game library than land-based casinos
  • Free play/Demo options to test a game before making actual deposits
  • Amazing promotions, tournaments, and bonus offers
  • Welcome bonus offers can go up to thousands of dollars
  • No hassle of leaving the house or waiting in line to get in
  • New and exciting games from multiple software providers
  • No legal issues, in most cases at least
  • Accepts a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods


It’s pretty clear why online casinos are better than land-based casinos. While land-based casinos put the foundation for casino culture in place, online casinos are taking the legacy forward by comping with the modern world. Both of these casinos have their perks. The bottom line is, if you’re more focused on convenience and the gaming experience, an online casino is a better choice for you. And if you’re more of a lifestyle person, a land-based casino will open new dynamics for you. The choice ultimately comes down to you. Choose wisely and have a blast with your time! Read our online casino reviews!