How to Score Casino Comps and Perks Every Time

Comp points don’t get the attention they deserve. Here's what you need to know.

Comp points don’t get the attention they deserve. There’s no guarantee you will win every time, but comps can help you hedge your bets so even a break-even gambling day ends up being a successful, enjoyable trip because of the comps.

Comps from Online Casinos Let’s start with the freebies available to Kiwi online punters. You can’t gamble online at New Zealand casinos, but resources like CasinoKiwi will point you in the direction of the best overseas online casinos catering to Kiwis. Here’s what you should do to max your comp-ability online: Welcome Bonus. Find a reputable casino offering a generous welcome bonus package. What’s generous? Look for a free credit match on your deposit that’s at least 100% on a significant sum. Sometimes you’ll even find a casino offering 200%. Watch the fine print. Sometimes that match percentage is just for the first deposit, and subsequent matches drop off fast.  And the terms for free credits may include doing a lot of playing on games of pure chance before you can withdraw your winnings. Playthrough is typically 30x plus or minus. No-Deposit Bonus. No-deposit bonuses are the closest things to free money even if the sums are nominal. Still, free is free. You’re going to sign up. So you may as well take the free credits. Free Spins. Look at these carefully. Free spins on an excellent pokie are lots of fun, but sometimes there are limits on which games you can play. And playthrough requirements can be restrictive. Freebies for Regulars. Online casinos want to retain players and keep them from being “butterflies”. Most have programs to reward regulars in various ways. Reload bonuses. VIP Bonuses. Sign up for their newsletters and then read what specific promotions are on offer each week and month. Some even have freebies on particular days, so mark your calendar to take advantage. And watch out for free or deeply discount raffles, junket offers, and casino cruises. Loyalty Clubs and Points. Many casinos have programs for regulars which let them accumulate points for various actions on site. These can be traded in for cash or prizes down the road. Flash Your Cash even if you don’t plan to gamble so much, deposit at least enough to get the full benefit from your welcome bonus. Otherwise, you are leaving money on the table. Spread It Around. Don’t blow your load at once. Spread it over the welcome package, matching each deposit to the maximum bonus at each stage. Make Friends with Customer Service. Always be polite in online interactions. There’s a person on the other side — a person with power. Even if you have a complaint, keep calm and carry on — politeness and cool translate into comps. Refer Your Friends. Many better casinos have referral or affiliate programs which let you make money from referrals. Especially if you have a blog or website, you can make serious free money from a casino by getting someone new to sign up and play. Real World Casino Comps Sign Up for a Player’s Card. Almost all casinos offer a card. Save time by reading about the casino’s card benefits, terms and conditions.  Even online-only casinos have relationship and deals with online counterparts. Shop around before you take your trip. Deposit More Than You Plan to Risk. Let’s say you plan to risk only $1000 in the casino. If you can resist temptation, bring at least 10x your planned spend for your initial deposit. $10,000 will draw positive attention. Likely you will be approached by someone offering you serious comps right off the bat. A hotel suite? Dinner at the casino restaurant? Play only what you can afford to risk. Then cash out with your full sum when the day is done. If you return to the casino next day, you will likely to be remembered. Wash, rinse, repeat. Play Slow and Steady. Casinos track how long you are on the floor, comping you accordingly. The longer you stay, and play, the more likely you will be comped, and the bigger your comps. So enjoy the slower table games, which may have higher Return to Player rates. Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, European Roulette are all good bets. Learn the rules online first and be an expert at the casino table. Dress for Success. Casinos want players will deep pockets. Overdress to impress. You will feel good. Maybe you will attract attention from a future, ahem, dining companion. Get to Know Your Host. Every casino has a host manager on duty round the clock to make your stay as pleasant, and long-lasting, as possible. Flash your player card and your best player smile. Introduce yourself and be friendly. Ask about specials on offer. Get Off the Floor. Explore the casino beyond the gaming area. Usually, our player card will earn you discounts everywhere in the casino complex. Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Casino loves to give away food and drink. Especially drink. If you can hold your liquor, there’s no reason you should be hungry or thirsty for a moment.  Often you can jump the queue at casino buffet lines by flashing your player’s card or being friendly to the host. They want you back on the floor! Always say hello and goodbye. After you arrive, greet senior casino people. Introduce yourself. There’s a good chance it will translate to a comp. And when you leave, announce your departure to those you greeted. Chances are, you may get yourself a nice limo ride to the airport. You don’t need to be a whale to have a whale of a time. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably not a high-roller. Not yet. But every future whale started small. Casinos, like most other things in life, are all about relationships. Cultivate friends and be nice to people, even if you’re in a bad mood, had a bad day, or have a beef. There are many fish in the sea and many casinos. But these days especially, your reputation and your credit follow you everywhere.  Win or lose, keep your head and keep your cool. Even if you become a whale, don’t be a Moby Dick. He ended badly.