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SkyCity Queenstown

SkyCity Queenstown

If you enjoy mountains, Queenstown might appear like heaven to you. Set against the Southern Alps, Queenstown is a city of pure beauty.

  • Strict entering rules
  • Amazing gaming machines

A Casino that Understands You

SkyCity Queenstown Casino

To enjoy the leisure at Queenstown, what better option do you have than the SkyCity Queenstown Casino? But you’re in for a great surprise. Two casinos are always better than one and SkyCity knows that very well. That is exactly why they offer not one, but two casinos in Queenstown. The SkyCity Queenstown Casino and the Queenstown Wharf Casino.

SkyCity Queenstown casino operates from 12 at noon to 4 am for the convenience of the residents. You can start enjoying while there is still daylight outside.

The gaming experience is surreal at the SkyCity Queenstown casino and it’s quite common across the casinos owned by SkyCity all over New Zealand. They believe in absolute customer satisfaction and they are very much successful in it. The SkyCity Queenstown authority is very responsible for its policy as well. They don’t just let anyone enter their venue and create a scene. For starters, they don’t allow anyone below the age of 20 to enter their casino. If you’re over 20, you still need to provide some sort of identification. They accept current passports, driver’s license or any other identification with a photo. The document has to be provided by the government of your respective countries. Don’t assume that you’ll get to enter the SkyCity Queenstown casino just because you have identification. The authority emphasizes on clothing as well. You cannot enter the casino if you wear damaged cloths. If it’s part of the fashion, they might consider it. You can’t wear dirty clothes or shoes in the casino. You can’t wear any kind of safety vests or trade clothes. Hats, sleeveless tops for men and gang patches are strictly prohibited.

Outstanding Promotions

SkyCity casinos are known for their ongoing offers and events. The Queenstown one is no different as well. They have a whole dedicated section on the website where you can know about their promotions prior to going there. The promotions are always changing, of course. The idea is to keep everything fresh and new so that their customers can enjoy their experience to the fullest. For example, Tripe Tuesday Points is one of the promotions where the members have the opportunity to earn TRIPE PREMIERE points during the Tuesday happy hours. Then there is Heads or Tails promotion. You can flip a coin to test your luck and win $500! How cool is that? Race Day promotion is a very good one for the gamers out there. The virtual horse racing adds to the overall fun every Thursday where you can win up to $1400 of gifts. These are just promotions for one month. Imagine how much you can enjoy if you decide to stick to SkyCity Queenstown Casino.

Premier Rewards

We really like casinos that have great reward programs for their loyal customers. SkyCity Queenstown Casino is one of the best casinos in the world when it comes to these rewards. Their rewards program is called Premier Rewards. The ultimate goal of the Premier Rewards is to encourage you to try new things. The cutting edge technology used in their gaming machines allows you to get Premier Points on the go. You can enjoy the facilities once only VIPs could avail. All you need to do is download the SkyCity app and register your email address. As a member, you’ll be entitled to winning Premier Points that you can later use to play more games at the casino. The program has different layers like Gold, Ruby, Platinum, Sapphire, etc. You can opt for any of them as you see fit. Another prime attraction of Premier Rewards would be the Premier Bonus Dollar. From time to time, the casino awards these bonus dollars to the members. You can redeem them for game credits. But you have to keep a sharp eye so you don’t miss the chance. The collection of gaming machines is humongous like SkyCity Auckland. Queenstown has 86 top of the line gaming machines where you can turn your luck upside down with the most interesting features. There is a feature called ‘Points into Play’ that allows the Premier Rewards members to transfer their points into game credits. You can then use these game credits to play your favorite game. Although there is a daily limit, it’s enough to entertain you for the day. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the complex backend things that go into the conversion. The Premier Points are automatically credited to the Premier Rewards membership account. The points are valid for 6 months so you don’t have to spend them in a hurry. Another option is the Premier Bonus Dollar. It’s higher in value than the points. It’s practically the same as real money. 1 Premier Bonus Dollar is equivalent to $1 game credit. It’s valid for three months which is plenty for you to try your luck. Both of these options have daily limits on them and it’s for the best. As we already mentioned, SkyCity is very responsible for their policy and they don’t let anyone exploit it as well. If we talk about the table games, you know the deal. If you’re a casino enthusiast you should already know how good SkyCity is when it comes to table games. They have the best collection of the tables across New Zealand and the best dealers as well. The most common table games include Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. Don’t worry if you don’t know the intricate details and rules of the games. You can check the website and they have beginners' guides on the go for you to take a look at them.


SkyCity Queensland is a great place to enjoy your leisure. It offers amazing gaming machines, table games, restaurants like Wild Thyme to create a memorable journey. What are you waiting for?

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  1. SkyCity Queenstown casino- level 2, Stratton House, 16-24 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300
  2. SkyCity Wharf Casino- upstairs at Steam Wharf, 88 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300

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