Multi Wheel Roulette

Roulette and blackjack are undoubtedly the two most popular and well-known casino games in the entire world. They both dominate pop culture, though pokies are arguably even more frequently played by regular gamblers. Multi wheel roulette is a game which only exists online, and is probably the most adrenaline-fuelled and high-octane casino game you’ll ever play.

Multi Wheel Roulette isn’t a unique form of game, per se, but rather an amassing of 4, 6 or even 8 separate roulette wheels played by a single betting table. Timeless roulette strategy needs to be tweaked, and high variance bets are more rewarding than the low. Multi wheel can be played with American roulette or European & French roulette, making it pretty versatile.

The game is becoming more and more popular with online gamblers, and that means there are lots of casinos offering multi-wheel play. To simplify things for you a little, we’ve compiled a list of all our recommended casinos which offer multi-wheel roulette. If you’re keen to play, then check them out below and get started!

An Overview of Multi Wheel Roulette

Roulette is a game which originated from France a few centuries ago, and the premise is very simple: you have a small ball, a large, wooden wheel with 37 grooves for the numbers 0-36 (38 grooves including a “double zero” for American roulette), as well as a large betting table. You throw the ball into the spinning table and place bets on where you think it’s going to land: if you win, you get paid!

That’s it.

Multi Wheel Roulette takes that exact game and multiplies it out four, six, or even eight times. You place bets on a single table, then choose the number of wheels you’d like to spin, and then they all set off at once! It’s a bit more hectic than regular roulette, but you also have the potential to win huge sums on a single spin.

Setup and Rules

As we’ve said, there are 3 common variations of roulette: American, French and European. In any multi wheel game, you’ll only be using one type of wheel. Here’s a quick overview of the rules.

French & European

These two games are all-but identical. There are 1-2 rules which usually appear in French roulette but only sometimes appear in the European version, and that’s about it. As we’ve already said, there are 36 numbers on the wheel and those numbers are either red or black. There’s also the number zero, which is green.

You can place bets on any of:

  • The exact number
  • Colour (red or black)
  • Odd or even
  • Zero
  • Groups of numbers (pairs, fours, dozens)

Basically, there’s a lot of choice. You make your bets before the wheel is spun, and then if you’re right, you receive a payout relative to your initial bet. Choosing red or black is the most probable bet, hence also the lowest return (1:1), while hazarding a specific number is the least likely to happen and pays back 35:1.

If you land on zero, the house wins. Unless, that is, you bet on zero in the first place! That, in essence, is European (and French) roulette.


The purpose of the game is the exact same: place bets on specific numbers or groups on the betting table, release the ball and cross your fingers it lands on your number! The only difference is the addition of an extra number, double zero. This is also green.

European roulette has a theoretical house edge of 2.7%, but adding that second zero takes the house edge in American roulette over 5% – in other words, the house wins twice as often. Virtually all experienced gamblers would tell you to stay away from American roulette if given a choice: you’re statistically less likely to win and there’s no offsetting positive feature to combat the difference.

And that’s that. Multi Wheel Roulette will feature one table style or the other, but not both.

How to Play Online

So, now that’s you’ve got the basic idea, let’s talk about actual gameplay. Multi Wheel Roulette is an online-only game (or at least we’ve never heard of a real casino version) and since you can click and control everything with a mouse, it’s pretty easy to play.

Whichever version you choose, you’ll normally have 3 main things on screen:

  • The wheels
  • The betting table
  • Betting info: your balance, the chip sizes etc

By clicking on a number or part of the table, you are saying “I want to place a bet here”. You can change chip denomination, but clicking multiple times will also increase your stake. Once you’re happy, hit “spin” and all of the wheels will start off in tandem, finishing at staggered times.

As each wheel rolls to a stop, you’ll get an update on the exact result of each. You’ll receive more chips for every bet you’ve won, and that’s all there is to it! You can either place the same bets again by hitting “spin”, or place new bets by hitting the “rebet” button.

Tips and Strategy

There is a serious amount of mathematical strategy and statistics involved in truly mastering roulette and winning serious amounts of dough. However, those strategies aren’t so easy to apply when you’re playing on six tables at once.

Instead, Multi Wheel Roulette strategy is usually quite a simple one, aimed at not-so-talented roulette players. The most-touted idea is to place bets on single numbers. In regular European roulette, you only need to guess correctly once in every 35 bets in order to break even – however, this can get tiresome pretty quickly. Therein lies the beauty of Multi Wheel roulette: you can make that same bet six or eight times at once and the monotony is gone!

On an 8-wheel table, you’ll break even by winning on just one table every four rounds. Not only is that more exciting than trying to win once every thirty five rounds, but you also get the possibility of winning more than once on every spin! It’s just normal roulette, really, but more exciting and with the potential for even bigger wins.

Basic Tips

Play for those single numbers. Statistically there’s very little benefit to playing Multi Wheel Roulette if you’re only going to bet red-black, so take the more exciting route, pick your favourite numbers and hit the ground running!

Play Roulette for Free

As you can no doubt imagine, playing roulette for the first time is pretty daunting – you have no idea what’s going on! Well, with Multi Wheel Roulette it’s even more intimidating and you could lose money quite easily as you come to grips with the game’s mechanics. Fortunately, free games exist so that you can train, improve and prepare yourself without spending real cash.

Most established casinos will offer demo versions of their Multi Wheel Roulette. This means that while the game mechanics and payouts etc will be identical to the real-money version, your wallet stays nice and full. Once you’re ready for the big time, you can swap and start playing for real.


Multi wheel roulette is, quite simply, a more exciting and dynamic way of playing the most exciting and dynamic game at the casino! Trust us: a few rounds in a 6 or 8-wheel game you’ll be wondering how you ever coped with just a single ball at a time.

Good luck, and have fun!

Last updated January 8, 2018