American Roulette

While ardent blackjack fans might disagree, roulette is probably the single most popular casino game in the world, whether online or in Vegas. While some games are about furtively hiding your cards, bluffing and staying composed, roulette is a game of energy! American roulette is a unique offshoot of the original game from France, and is played pretty much exclusively in the USA.

American roulette is a game based on chance. Implementing basic strategy can increase your odds of winning – and advanced techniques even more so – but at the end of the day, it’s impossible to know exactly where the ball will fall. It’s a hugely fun and unpredictable game, and anyone who enjoys the thrill of casino will find it with American Roulette.

Since there are so many casinos offering American roulette, we’ve compiled a list of our highest-ranking recommended casinos to make your choice a little easier – check them out below!

An Overview of American Roulette

Despite the huge number of variations and different styles of roulette that are played at large and small casinos around the world, they all follow a similar premise.

Roulette was originally conceived in France, hence the more “traditional” forms of the game are French & European Roulette However, it has also been in the United States for a long time now. If you’ve never played roulette, you probably wouldn’t initially notice any difference between the two types of table – there’s one extra number in an American table, and that’s it!

Setup and Rules

The whole game is centered around the huge roulette table. The table spins around its centre and has slots all the way around: 38 of them, coloured red, black or green. There are only two green slots, the zero and the double zero.

You win at roulette by correctly wagering on where the ball is going to land. Adjacent to the wheel there is always the green betting cloth where you put your chips prior to each spin. You can wager on the exact number (0, 00, 1-36), the colour (red or black) and various other groups of numbers. Statistically speaking, betting red or black – as well as odd or even – is the safest best with the lowest return.

Once your bets are placed, the dealer rolls the ball into the spinning wheel and you wait patiently for it to land. If you win, your bank balance goes up. Lose, and your money goes to the house. That’s it. As we said, it’s a game of chance; learn a little strategy though and you’ll see the house edge drop dramatically.

American Roulette vs “Regular” Roulette

The vast majority of regulated roulette tables are either FrenchEuropean or American. The only substantial difference between these variations is the number of zeroes: American has two while the others only have one.

So what’s the purpose of the extra zero?

Well, much to the chagrin of all roulette players, the second zero serves to pretty much double the house edge, and that’s all. If you’re ever given a choice between European and American roulette, always choose European – it’s the exact same game except your odds of winning are higher.

How to Play Online

The artistic design of your window will change between casino software developers, but as a rule you’ll have a screen with a table, wheel, playable balance, a bunch of chips and your various buttons.

Use your mouse to place bets by navigating to the number or bet you’d like to make, and left clicking. This should add a single chip. You can either choose a chip value at the side of the screen, or keep clicking to add more. Place as many bets as you’d like!

If it’s an RNG game, then hit “spin” to set things in action;  if you’re playing with a live dealer, they will let you know when bets are closed and manually spin the table and add the ball. Once the dust settles, you’ll be credited with your wins or debited your losses. Next round!

Tips and Strategy

With roulette, you normally get three types of player:

  • The newbie, who doesn’t really have any idea what’s going on and tends to lose until they’ve learned a little strategy
  • The learner, who plays with a bit of structure to close the gap between him and the house
  • The pro, who understands detailed strategy and can implement it like muscle memory.

Becoming the pro will take years, if you ever manage to gain that level of command of complex strategies. However, you can become a competent player without much work. In fact, if you’re playing online (where you can take as long as you need to prepare your bets) then you can learn strategy easily as you play. We recommend checking out Roulette Geeks if you want to get a handle on some strategies.

Basic Tips

For more casual players, consider the following:

  • Betting on red or black is the safest option. If you do this and win a few times in a row, consider leaving the table with your profits in tow!
  • If you bet single numbers, you only need to be correct one time in every 35. Play patiently and you’re much more likely to win.
  • Bet the same numbers each time. If you bet on 4-5 different numbers, there’s no point changing them between bets – every time your number doesn’t come up, the more likely it is to appear on the next spin.

Play Roulette for Free

As you can tell, rocking up to a roulette table with no idea of strategy is a guaranteed way to burn a hole in your wallet. Similarly, attempting to learn and implement a brand-new technique at a real-money casino will make for very expensive tuition. Fortunately it’s possible to play American roulette for free at almost all major online casinos!

Rather than depositing funds into an account, you are given demo credits (no need to sign up or register) and can play the game in your own time. The game mechanics are just like the real version, so once you feel you’ve got the hang of things you can easily transition to play for (and hopefully win) real money.


American roulette is as fun and enjoyable as its European rivals, and since it’s dominant in most US casinos, it’s played just as much. However, if you are playing online and have the choice, you should always pick European roulette. You’re just more likely to win.

One exception might be if you’re practising for that big trip to Vegas, in which case playing the American style might be just what you need to access those big wins further down the line!

Last updated December 21, 2017