Online Pokies Tournaments

In an online pokies tournament, you compete either for a limited time Win big!(as little as a few minutes, as long as a week), or alternatively for a set number of spins, against other players on the same game. Pokies tournaments can vary in size, from small sit n’go tournaments to large-scale events with hundreds of players from all over the world. The prizes on offer can vary from free spins and casino credits to substantial cash prizes.

The winner of the tournament will usually be the player who, in the allocated time frame or number of spins, is able to wrack up the biggest winnings, and during a tournament you will able to see how you’re doing via a leaderboard where you can monitor your progress against that of the other players.

To get started in our top recommended pokies tournament casinos, download and install the free casino software, register an account and choose the tournament you want to play in:

Where can I play an online pokies tournament?

Almost all of our recommended online casinos hold regular online pokies tournaments (and casino tournaments as well) with good prizes and the opportunity to play against players from all over the globe. Check your inbox regularly for news, or the casino’s promotions page for details of upcoming events.

What makes online pokies tournaments different?

Playing in a tournament is different to regular play primarily because of the set time or limited number of spins. The number of players you’re up against can vary significantly but it’s usually the case that the more players there are, the bigger the prizes up for grabs.

The way a tournament usually works is that players all start off with the same number of coins in a separate coin box, with each spin being deducted from this. There is also another separate win box to which any winning spin is automatically credited (and which doesn’t go down in size as a result of a losing spin).

As the tournament progresses, the player with the most coins in their win box is the leader, and the one with the most at the end is adjudged the overall winner. As you play, you always know precisely how much time remains through a timer, and where you are placed in the tournament via the leaderboard, and so it is always possible to adjust your strategy accordingly.

What kind of pokies tournaments are there?

Sit’n’Go tournament

Sit’n’Go tournaments are usually relatively small events (sometimes as few as five players are involved) that take place frequently, although there are usually no set starting times. This is because a Sit’n’Go pokies tournament depends on a sufficient number of players signing up before it can start. If you want to take part, simply go to the tournaments page of your selected casino and book a place – then, as soon as the required number of players has assembled the tournament will begin.

Sit’n’Go tournaments will usually have relatively small entrance fees and prizes due to the fact that they have small fields of competitors, but the fact that they take place so regularly means there is almost always one on the go and so it gives players frequent chances to compete without it costing too much.

Set Time or Scheduled Tournaments

Set Time or Scheduled online pokies tournaments will usually have bigger prizes and so require more players. This is why they have a scheduled starting time, so as to enable enough players to register for the event, and they usually run for longer periods of time. Entry for this type of tournament needs to be done in advance, so if you are keen it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your inbox or the casino’s promotions page so that you can be sure of getting your entry in in good time.

Like a Sit’n’Go pokies tournament, a Set Time or Scheduled Tournament will give you either a set period of time or a set number of spins in which to accumulate the most coins in your win box.

Online Pokies Tournament Prizes

The type of tournament, the number of players, the entrance fee and the casino operating the event all have a bearing on the size and scope of the prizes in offer in online pokies tournaments. A small sit ’n go tournament might have a first prize in the region of $50, while a large scheduled tournament might have as much as $5000 on offer for the winner.

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