3 Reel vs 5 Reel Pokies

Pokies Machine

While there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a game, a good way to whittle down your list of potential machines is to decide whether you’re looking for a 3 reel or 5 reel slot. The simple, sleek and classic three reel online pokies, or the feature-rich, dynamic, multi line five reel video pokies?

It is often seen that Five reel video pokies offer players more paylines and thuisopportunities to win, whereas fans of three reel believe their games are easier to play and therefore offer a more direct path to winnings at a lower cost. Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages to both games.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Three reel pokies: Classic or 3 reel pokies are simple by design and cater for a more traditional gaming audience. They contain three reels and players mostly only need to account for one payline. Considering the fact that there are relatively fewer combinations that could result in payouts, it is widely acknowledged that 3 reel pokies have lower jackpot and bonus amounts, yet they do tend to pay out more frequently.3 and 5 Reel Pokies

Five Reel pokies: Five reel pokies or video slots are in many ways, the opposite. There are vast amounts of different combinations and symbols, which culminates in larger jackpots and bonuses. However, considering the combinations are relatively rare and the fact that the jackpots and bonuses are significantly higher, it is also assumed that 5 reel machines pays out less frequently, although much more lucratively.

Three reel pokies enthusiasts may enjoy receiving extra spins as a bonus, whereas the five reel gamer looks forward to being thrust into a bonus round which acts as a game within a game and the stakes dependent on the further actions they take.

5 Reel Games

The Dark Knight: This 5 reel, no pay line game version of the international blockbuster movie is structured so that symbols pay from left to right, and has a set 243 possible winning combinations. These elements combine with multiple progressive jackpots and actual film footage to provide a game the caped crusader himself would be proud to play.

Gladiator: This five reel, 25 payline, video pokies game is packed with action, multiple winning combinations and mirrors the award winning blockbuster film of the same name by being set against the backdrop of Rome in 180 A.D.

Lucky Panda: Enjoy a gaming experience of mystic China in all its wild, rare beauty and fulfill your destiny when you play this 5-reel pokies machine gives you an incredible 1024 ways to win.

3 Reel Games

Fantastic 7Resembling the original lucky 7 pokies game, enjoy a gamer’s homage to the traditional 3 reel, single line classic with Fantastic 7.

Cherry Red: The timeless fruit theme is here in all its glory with Cherry Red, a 3 reel, single payline legend brought to the online space.

Diamond 7s: No, it’s not a nightclub, but it has all the lights and action you’d expect of one in this 3 reel, single payline pokies machine with immaculate graphic design.

The debate of 3 reel versus 5 reel really comes down to personal preference for players, rather than any individual advantage a particular game may have. The simplicity and traditional nature of the 3 reel, with lower, yet more frequent jackpot and bonus payouts, or the dynamic feel of the 5 reel multiline video pokie, with less frequent, but far larger prizes. Visit our recommended casinos to try your luck and make up your own mind.