Paysafecard Casinos


PaySafe Card had become one of the dominant pre-paid electronic fund transfer systems on the market in recent years. Now owned by Skrill (the e-wallet brand that also bought up Ukash in 2015), PaySafe Card is accepted for deposits at the majority of the casinos sites that we feature here, and it is growing in popularity both in New Zealand and around the globe, not only with online casino players but with anyone who wants a secure method for online financial transactions but who might not have or want to use a credit/debit card.

Listed below you’ll find the best New Zealand online casinos that accept PaySafe Card as a deposit method:

There are a number of reasons why many players prefer to use PaySafe Card rather than other payment methods to fund their online casino accounts. Firstly, the fact that it’s a pre-paid card means you don’t have to establish or use a line of credit via a card from your bank or another financial institution, also allowing you greater control over your budget. In addition, PaySafe Card provides multiple levels of security and privacy, and so any sort of transactions you carry out online can largely be anonymous, while your personal data and financial information is secure as it’s not being stored on a casino’s server or anywhere else, and so is far less vulnerable to hacking.

Using PaySafe Card at an online casino

Pre-paid cards in general, and PaySafe Card in particular, have great appeal for online casino players for a number of reasons. For instance, using one can aid your bankroll management and budget control, as you have to purchase a card before you can transfer any cash to your casino account. Many players like this as it enables them to keep a closer eye on their gaming costs.

In addition, deposits are instantaneous at almost all of our online casinos, so as soon as you transfer cash into your account, it is there and available to play with, unlike when you go through a bank, where there can be delays of up to 3 working days. The process of making a deposit is also very simple and straightforward (see more on how to do this below).

Using a PaySafe Card is also a very secure way of both paying and playing online, because neither PaySafe itself nor the casino have access to, record or store your credit/debit card numbers, or any other private financial information. Anything that reduces the number of third parties who have access to this info naturally also reduces the risk of hacking and identity theft.

You can purchase PaySafe Cards in four different denominations—$10, $20, $50 or $100—and you can use these in any combination when you make a deposit into your casino account. If you want to make a deposit that is greater than $100, you can use up to 10 different PaySafe Cards in a single deposit, so you are not significantly limited in this regard. At the same time, you don’t have to use all of the credit on a card in a single transaction, and any that remains can be used on another occasion for up to twelve months from the date of purchase.

Although most of you reading this are likely going to use a PaySafe Card at an online casino, this is of course not its only use, and there are thousands of online retailers globally who accept it as a payment method. However, the process for making a purchase or an online casino deposit is exactly the same, and is based around the use of a unique 16-digit personal identification number (PIN) — see more on this below.

However, despite the many advantages outlined above, there is one significant drawback to using a PaySafe Card at any of our featured online casinos, and that is that it can’t be used as a payout method. It can only be used for deposits and so, if you do use PaySafe Card, you will most likely receive any withdrawals via a bank cheque, and so you need to remember this as you choose your payment method.

How to get a PaySafe card

Getting hold of a PaySafe Card is very easy to do, and there are plenty of different options available in New Zealand. If you go to, on the Home Page you’ll find a Sales Outlet Finder — all you have to do is type in the name of the city, street, suburb or postcode of where you are, and you will get a map and a list that shows you the name and address of the nearest PaySafe Card retail outlet. Convenience stores, newsagents and tech stores, as well as many other types of retailers, will sell them.

You can also download free apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as smartwatches (including Google Wear and Apple Watch), and these enable you to search for a PaySafe Card seller when you are out and about. You can also use these apps to check the balance remaining on any PaySafe Cards you may have already purchased.

It’s important to know that if you use a credit or debit card to purchase a PaySafe Card from an outlet, it is just like any other transaction, in that the retailer does not record or store your card number or other details, ensuring complete privacy. For those who value even greater privacy, you have the option to purchase a PaySafe Card with cash, making you entirely anonymous. Overall, this can be said to be one of the safest and most secure ways of undertaking any sort of online transaction.

Casinos accepting PaySafe Card

The majority of online casinos that we recommend accept PaySafe Card as a payment method, including:

Using PaySafe Card to deposit into an online casino account

One of the reasons why so many players like using PaySafe Card is that making a casino deposit is a very straightforward business. Although there might be some slight variation to the steps at different sites, in general the process is as follows:

  • click on the ‘Banking’ tab
  • select ‘Deposit’
  • choose and enter the amount you want to deposit
  • then click ‘Next’
  • Choose PaySafe Card as your deposit method from the menu of options
  • enter your PaySafe Card 16-digit PIN
  • if you are using more than one card, enter each 16-digit PIN in turn
  • then click ‘Done’
  • your funds are now available to play with


The biggest recommendation for using a PaySafe Card at an online casino is that it is a safe and private means of moving your money around. Not having to share your financial data with either PaySafe Card, a retailer or the casino is also a further positive, and you can be as anonymous as you wish. There are outlets all over New Zealand, and so getting your hands on a card is always easy, while being able to purchase cards in different denominations, and then carry over any remaining credits, is also a plus. The big disadvantage, however, and the thing that may cause you to think twice about PaySafe Card, is that it can’t be used as a payout method. This can cause significant inconvenience, so you have to weigh up whether in your personal situation the many positives outweigh this one major negative.