PayPal Casinos

PayPal CasinosPayPal is the pre-eminent international electronic money transfer system and is now being accepted as the preferred payment method by a growing number of online casinos. For players, the main advantage is the added layer of security that PayPal offers and the ease of making deposits and withdrawals in different currencies.

The online casinos below all accept PayPal as a payment method:

Why use PayPal?

There are a number of advantages to playing at a NZ PayPal online casino, not least of which is the convenience.

  • It is free to set up a PayPal account—all you need is an email address—and this is linked to your personal bank account and/or credit card, which means you can choose to have more than one option for funding your account.
  • A further reason to choose a PayPal online casino is that your financial details are not held by the casino; rather, you are only required to share this information with PayPal, thus adding an extra level of security to the management of your account. Allied to this is the fact that PayPal employs the very best security and encryption technology and so access by anyone else to your funds is virtually impossible.
  • Transferring money using PayPal is quick and easy, and can be done online via a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, meaning that you have access to your cash at all times. Another advantage is that PayPal does not charge fees for transactions from a personal account, thus reducing your overheads.
  • Currently, there are over 230 million PayPal account holders worldwide and major international brands such as Ebay Walmart, Netflix, Dell, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble all use PayPal as a means of processing payments.

PayPal Casinos

Until relatively recently, PayPal did not support transactions to and from online casino accounts. However, that has now changed and because PayPal only aligns itself with the most reputable companies, players who play at a PayPal casino can therefore be sure that it has the highest standards and can be relied upon to be transparent and fair. At present, the number of online casinos that accept PayPal is limited, but this is growing quickly,

A number of our recommended casinos welcome PayPal, with one of the the best PayPal casino being 888, which offers you a $100 bonus when you make an initial deposit. Other popular NZ PayPal casinos include BGO, Spin Palace and Jackpot City, and you can also earn payment method bonuses at these when you open a PayPal online casino account.

Using your PayPal account to play

Deposit: Once you’ve set up a PayPal account, making a deposit at an online casino is simple and straightforward, and although the steps might vary slightly from casino to casino, the same basic procedures apply:

  • go to banking
  • click on the deposit button
  • choose the PayPal option
  • enter the amount you want to deposit
  • you’ll be redirected to the PayPal website, where you will be asked to log into your account
  • follow the instructions to complete your payment
  • you will then be automatically redirected back to the casino website

Withdrawal: Withdrawing with PayPal is easy. From the withdrawal page, simply select PayPal, log in with your account info and then approve the withdrawal to your PayPal account.


The ease of operation, high levels of security and the control PayPal gives you over your funds makes it the ideal choice for operating your online casino account, while the fact that all you need is an active email address to open a free account is also appealing. As more and more online casinos come to use PayPal as their preferred payment, you’ll find it invaluable to have an account and quickly come to appreciate the benefits of its hassle-free service.