Online Blackjack Switch in New Zealand

While you’re undoubtedly familiar with blackjack, you might not be aware of its near-countless variations which have been created over the years. Many of them involve local rules and aren’t played at proper casinos; Blackjack Switch, however, is an exception.

Switch is played all over the world. While it is fundamentally a blackjack game, it has several rule twists which make quite different to the traditional game, namely that you can swap cards between hands to get better odds of winning. On this page you’ll find all of the other differences, as well as a light guide to rules and strategy to help you get started.

At the right casino, you can play switch from anywhere you want: at home, on the commute to work or even at the office! That’s the beauty of online casino. If you aren’t already au fait with the rules of blackjack, have a read of the rules or check out some other blackjack variations to help you get used to the game.

Blackjack Switch: RNG vs Live Dealer Games

The ongoing debate nowadays with online casino is about the pros and cons of playing RNG or live dealer games. Both have serious upsides compared to playing in a land-based casino, but the experience at each is quite polar.

RNG Games

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. This is the technology used to ensure that all cards, slots, dice and other game results for traditional online casinos are completely random. Without using this technology, it would be impossible to ensure games weren’t fixed or biased.

Basically, these are entirely software-run games. The main upsides to RNG games are that they’re super fast, totally-reliable and usually have cool animations for moving around cards and collecting bets. The downside is that, unlike a land-based casino, these just feel like games, not true gambling.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are another kettle of fish entirely. You’re still playing online, but on your screen you’ve got a real, professional dealer running the show. They handle all the cards on a real table, while you place your bets on a virtual table which overlays it.

While the game itself is unchanged (the rules and strategy etc), playing switch with a real dealer and a host of other players gives you the ambiance, thrill and banter of being in a real casino. Except, of course, that you can play from the sofa.

Where to Play

Of all the blackjack variations, Switch is probably the most popular. The alternative rules turn the traditional game on its head, and that encourages a lot of players to try it out. Unfortunately, table games aren’t available at every casino, and that’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of the places you can go to play high-quality Blackjack Switch, whenever you like.

Any of the recommended casinos below are reliable, safe and great fun, so find a way to choose a favourite and go exploring!

Live Dealer Games

If our little discourse about live dealer games has got you itching to play, then you’re in luck: the immersive and exciting experience of live play can be found at any of our recommended casinos below.

Choose Your Live Dealer

Rules, Strategy and Winning at Switch

A Basic Overview

The basic premise with switch, and how it differs from regular blackjack, is that you are dealt two hands rather than one, and you can choose to swap (or switch) the second card dealt to each hand, to better your odds of winning.

However, since this gives you an advantage, the dealer landing on 22 causes a push to all non-bust and non-blackjack hands. This means your stake is returned and you neither win nor lose. As a result, the basic strategy must be a little different to blackjack.

You win the same you way do in regular blackjack: get a better hand than the dealer.


Switch is generally an 8-deck game, and the way to win is to always play the statistically superior option every single time. This gives you the best odds of winning. Even better, since you’re playing online, you can take the time to consult a blackjack switch betting table so you have confidence in every deal.

If playing with a 6-card deck, you should double 9 against a 5. Once you know the strategy, you’ll understand what that means!

There are more advanced strategies which rank hands in terms of “points” (known as the Cindy Lui Advanced Switching Strategy), but many players consider Arnold Snyder’s book The Big Book of Blackjack to hold a superior method. If you want to learn what that is, and how to become a serious switch player, then buy the book!

With live dealer games you’re always on a timer, but if you play on an RNG game you’ll have all the time you need to receive a deal, read the strategy, slowly implement it and then complete the round. Over time you’ll get much, much faster too.

Counting Cards

Some secretive players claim to have found a counting strategy which works at blackjack, though no proven method has ever been published, and most players think there is probably no real advantage to counting here, as there is in the traditional game.


So that’s Blackjack Switch. It’s certainly not a complicated game, though the strategy is more involved than many other blackjack variants like Surrender. If you want to learn more about the game, either it’s history or how to play, then look no further than the Big Book of Blackjack by Arnold Snyder: it really is the holy bible of blackjack.

Last updated December 24, 2017