Online Gambler Ben Sulsky Wins Nearly $4,000,000

Ben Sulsky Wins Nearly $4,000,000
Publish: January 8, 2013

We are finally far enough into the new year that the numbers are in from 2012 on some of the biggest gambling wins and losses through the past year. One online poker play who saw huge results last year is Ben Sulsky. Playing under the online casino handle “Sauce 123”, Sulsky brought it almost $4,000,000 throughout the year thanks to his diligent and successful runs at high limit card tables. While winning a few high value pots contributed to his large success, Ben Sulsky was able to consistently bring in profits from his online casino gaming all year long.

Card Player magazine reports that the 25-year-old American player was able to bring in over $3,500,000 from one online poker room from January to December while earning over $350,000 in profits from another in just the last two months of the year. According to reports, Sulsky’s largest win last year was more than many people earn while working in a decade. Last November, “Sauce 123” landed a single pot worth $265,000. Sulsky achieved this win while playing Pot Limit Omaha at a $200-$400 online table.

While taking down that huge of a pot is a rare feat for any poker player, and one that only the top-tier pros generally ever accomplish, Sulsky’s huge year can be credited to his diligence to playing smart and consistent poker. Poker experts have noted that the secret to winning in the long-term is to make rational and scientific bets which only have positive expected returns. Although he faced bad runs of luck from time to time, Sulsky was able to keep his focus and always have an eye out for the next hand and the next opportunity.

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