Las Vegas Casinos Win Big in 2013

Las Vegas Casinos Win Big in 2013
Publish: April 25, 2013

One of the largest hubs of casino gaming world wide has announced that February 2013 was their most profitable month in history.

Casinos in the state of Nevada saw an overall win of $1.1 billion and the state of Nevada saw an overall increase in gambling revenue of fifteen percent. The resorts on the Las Vegas Strip saw an overall increase of thirty one percent, that’s $165.4 million US dollars more than they saw in February 2012.

So what led to such an unprecedented increase in winnings? The Chinese New Year fell in February 2013, and the majority of the winnings came from the $263.9 million US dollars came from Baccarat players, a favorite game of Asian players.

According to senior analyst of the Gaming Control Board in Nevada, without the winnings of high stakes Baccarat the state of Nevada would have had a decrease in winnings of 1.1 percent from February 2012.

The Super Bowl, one of the largest sporting events in the United States, also fell in February 2013. Sports betting on the Super Bowl (the final game of the American football season) also caused a thirty eight percent jump in winnings. Sports betting in general was up twenty four percent (14.2 million US Dollars) from the previous year.

Outside of the Las Vegas Strip casinos actually saw a drop in overall winnings this February, so it’s hard to know if this winning streak will stick. When it comes to gambling, not even the house can guarantee how much they’ll win.

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