Huge Powerball Jackpot Winner

Florida Powerball Winner
Publish: June 12, 2013

Gloria C. MacKenzie, 84, of Zephyrhills, Florida may just be the happiest grandmother on earth. It was revealed last week that this senior citizen won the sought after $590.5 million dollar jackpot with a ticket bought for $1 at a local Publix grocery store.

After taxes the lump sum received by Ms. MacKenzie comes to just about $371 million. As the Powerball game has expanded to more US sates, so hasthe jackpots. Hitting the Powerball jackpot is statistically nearly impossible because the winner needs to guess 5 correct numbers (between 0-59) and the Powerball number (between 0-39).

For those looking for a secret formula to winning Powerball from Ms. MacKenzie, we’re sorry to report that the winning ticket was purchased via the quick-pick function. No magic combination of birthdays, ages, or lucky numbers was used by this most recent winner of the Powerball jackpot.

As for her plans, all that the public knows is that she’ll be splitting the winnings 50/50 with her son, Scott. When they were waiting in line to buy their lottery ticket, it was revealed that someone let them skip in front to purchase their ticket. Who knows if that person could have been the winner if they didn’t let Mrs. MacKenzie skip the line?

In addition to creating a new millionaire family, the Power Ball jackpot has also generated millions of dollars for education in Florida. The state is set to get a $50 million dollar check in return for selling the winning ticket.

Last Updated May 20, 2015