Cracking Down on Card Counters

Counting Cards
Publish: May 2, 2013

Card counting has long been a successful tool for many of the top gamblers. While it is not technically illegal, most casinos will ban a player accused of counting cards.

Counting cards is a skill used in Blackjack that uses a mathematic system to determine when the deck is favorable for the player. Usually this happens when the deck has more high cards, giving the higher possibility of getting winning hands. A simple; plus and minus system is used to come up with a count of positive or negative. If the high cards count as negative and the true count is in the positive, this means the deck will have more high cards remaining.

Card counters will then place larger bets to capitalize on this advantage and look to win big. While some counters work alone, the majority work in teams so as not to be detected. The casinos still have plenty of ways to catch the culprits, but many walk away with their pockets full of chips.

In the latest attempt to crackdown and keep the card counters at bay, software developer-eConnect, has designed a new piece of software that will detect when the deck is in favor of the player. The premise is to alert the dealer when players who are counting cards will be placing larger bets.

The system basically counts cards and keeps the dealer on their toes. The advantage of knowing when to look for suspicious activity is huge and saves needless hours of auditing to detect card counting. Not to mention the range of human error that will inevitably occur.

This is a huge step to get rid of un-wanted players and should become used in casinos worldwide if proved effective.

The software’s official name is- “Blackjack Countdown” and you can expect to see this machine at the nearest Blackjack table. If you’re a card counter looking to exploit the casinos, your time may be up.

Last Updated May 20, 2015