Businessman Sues Casino for Losses

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Publish: April 18, 2013

Gold Coast businessman, Harry Kakavas, is taking the Melbourne Crown Casino to court this week as he tries to get back a portion of the $1.5 billion that he lost between 2005 and 2006. After losing his case against Melbourne’s Crown Casino in both Supreme Court and on appeal, the case is now going to be heard in the High Court.

Kakavas claims that the casino knew of his gambling addiction and continued allowing him to play, betting high and borrowing money from anywhere he can. Despite being diagnosed as having a severe gambling addiction Kakavas has continued to play around the world, losing large amounts in Las Vegas, Macau and at multiple smaller casinos and gaming towns world wide.

After being diagnosed with a severe gambling disorder, Kakavas worked hard to get a handle on his gambling addiction, through therapy and by having himself banned from many casinos.

According to Kakavas’ lawyer, Mr Myers, it was obvious that the Crown casino was aware of his addiction and should not have allowed Kakavas to place high roller bets. Even after the Crown made an effort to get a letter from a psychologist before granting Kakavas reentry into the casino, they state that they are not at fault for allowing a known addict to gamble.

The Courts agreed in the earlier cases that the Crown was aware of Kakavas’ addiction, but do not believe that awarded him special behavior within the casino.

“What is is that makes Crown’s behavior in this case, with this man, unconscionable?” said High Court Justice Kenneth Hayne.

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