New Online Casinos

The growth in the popularity of online gaming, new developments in technology, and the increased accessibility occasioned by the rise in mobile device use, have all led to a boom in the number of new online casinos. New operators are entering the market all the time, accompanied by an increase in the number of developers producing online casino games as well.

Check out the list below of the new online casinos accepting New Zealand players, and discover for yourself this new era of online gaming:

New online casinos have embraced developing technologies in such a way that contemporary sites operate quite differently to how casino sites were run just a few years ago. The rise of the ‘mobile first’ or ‘omni-channel’ site means that players have more choice and can play on the go much easier, and so new sites have made these key elements of their offerings.

With new names entering the market all the time, there have been definite upsides for players. Increased competition has meant greater choice, better deals and an all-round enhanced gaming experience. The quality and value of Welcome Bonuses, for instance, tends to be better at new online casinos, as they seek to establish a foothold in the market. Likewise, these new sites will generally try to broaden their range of games to offer players a different gaming experience, along with an increased number and type of games in their mobile casinos.

The advantages of playing at a new online casino

We’ve found that there are three really positive aspects to playing at new online casino. The first of these is that you’re likely to get some interesting and innovative sign up bonuses, as these new names try to establish themselves and their reputation; the second is that they are likely to offer a more diverse range of games, from a variety of different developers; finally, new sites tend to have bigger and better mobile casinos as their sites are ‘mobile first’, meaning they want you to have the same experience when you play on a smartphone or tablet as you have when playing on a laptop or PC.

  • New online casino bonuses

The nature and value of Welcome Bonuses wall always vary from site to site, and they tend to change quite regularly too as casino operators try to find the best offers to attract and retain players. What we do see increasingly across the board, however, is that Welcome Bonuses are tending to have more than one element or dimension to them.

For instance, it is increasingly common for new players to get a no deposit bonus when they register for an account, meaning you can play for free without having to make a deposit. These are then often combined with multi-layer first deposit bonuses, where you get matches on your initial deposit (sometimes more than one), accompanied by free spins as well.

When you get free spins as part of the signup deal at a new online casino, it can be that you get a series of spins with each deposit you make, or alternatively you get a number of free spins along with your first deposit, backed up by further spins every day for a set period after this.

Welcome Bonuses at new online casinos also tend to be more flexible, in that they give all players, no matter how large or small an investment you want to make, the chance to claim and clear the full bonus amount. This means that whether you’re a high roller or just an occasional player, you’ll be able to benefit from playing for free with some of the casino’s cash.

  • New online casino slots

One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing at a new online casino has been the increased variety that most of them offer. Moving away from the need to download a software client to play to a web-based approach has had a number of benefits.

The most important of these is that at most of the new casinos we recommend, you have the opportunity to play online pokies and other casino games by a variety of different producers, rather than just one. In most cases, you’ll still get games by one of the ‘big 3’ (Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt), but alongside these there’ll be games by up-and-comers and boutique developers as well. This is great for the industry as a whole, because more competition means more innovation, but also for players too, as you get to play different styles of games at the one site.

Because these smaller developers don’t have sufficiently big ranges of games to be the sole supplier to a site, the move to web-based and ‘mobile first’ games by new online casinos means they now have opportunities to get their games into the marketplace. At many of the sites we recommend, you can now play NetEnt games alongside those by Yggdrasil Gaming and NYX, for instance, or Microgaming slots as well as titles by Quickspin and Thunderkick, all at the one site. This has been great for those players who like variety and enjoy exploring new games.

A knock-on effect of the emergence of new producers has been that the major names have become more innovative and expanded their horizons as well, so that they are developing ideas that have been brought to the table by the new kids on the block, with the result being that the quality of online gaming, particularly in the design and gameplay of pokies, has improved significantly in recent times.

  • Better mobile casinos

The move by new online casinos to embrace web-based games has also meant that mobile casinos now have bigger and more diverse ranges as well. For instance, at some of the sites that we recommend, the number of mobile slots and other games they offer is at least as large as, and in some cases even bigger, than that which they provide at their desktop sites. Some of the big international brands even run completely separate mobile casinos, with games by an entirely different provider than those they feature in their PC and laptop sites.

New casinos have been the driving force behind this development, and with an increasing  number of players choosing mobile casinos as their preferred playing option, it’s expected that this trend will continue to develop, making playing on your smartphone or tablet an even better experience than it is already.

  • Win tournaments and prizes

When you join a new casino, there is also the advantage that their player base is not going to be as large as those at more established sites, with the result that when you enter a prize draw, or play in a tournament, you’re not going to be competing against as many players. This is a great opportunity to pick up prizes and bonuses!

The disadvantages of new online casinos

If you decide to sign up to play at a new online casino, although there are many positives, there are also a couple of negatives as well.

You’re probably not going to get as many different promotions as you might at a site with a bigger player base. As discussed above, the Welcome Bonus is likely to be pretty good but it’s often the case at new online casinos that their focus, at least in the first instance, is more on attracting new players, so the promotions schedule might be a bit thin at the outset.

You might also have fewer options when it comes to payment methods at a new site, although this is often countered by the fact that they do tend to have more focus on accepting e-wallets and other electronic payment systems, rather than just credit and debit cards, so you will nevertheless get some choice. More and more new online casinos also accept PayPal, which is also a positive.

How we review a new online casino

We know that for some players, signing up to a new online casino can be a bit daunting, as the site might not have had sufficient time to establish its reliability and credibility in the industry. Are they a viable option? Are they going to be able to deliver what they promise? Is a new site going to be suitable for players from New Zealand?

That’s where our casino reviews come in. We have loads of experience when it comes to reviewing casinos and so we’ll tell you all you need to know about the Welcome Bonus and other signup offers, the quality, variety and number of games, the licensing and auditing arrangements of a new site, and whether they offer banking methods that are convenient and accessible for Kiwis. In short, from our reviews you’ll be able to tell whether you think a new online casino is right for you — or not.