€6.7 million Hall of Gods Jackpot Hit at Leo Vegas Casino

Every now and then, there’s a bit of news that just rocks. Like when someone unsuspectingly lands a huge multi-million dollar plus jackpot that can change your life.

And this is exactly what happened on April 2nd, 2018. One player at Leo Vegas just landed €6.7 million (or 11.1 million New Zealand dollars) while playing NetEnt’s Hall of Gods. For now, the player has understandably chosen to remain anonymous. But we do know that he was at home, playing on Leo Vegas’ mobile casino when he won all that cash with just a €10 stake. Talk about a profit.

Another Feather for Leo Vegas

The Casino Director at Leo Vegas, Katrina Pelc, has sent her congratulations, and is happy to put another feather in the Leo Vegas’ cap. On top of already boasting several major progressive jackpot wins, Leo Vegas is an award-winning casino. It’s most famous for its fast and intuitive mobile platform, range of games and customer service, this new multimillion dollar win demonstrates just what can be possible. Hall of Gods, is one of the most popular jackpot pokies at Leo Vegas. It’s one of NetEnt’s big progressive jackpots, with a minimum stake of €0.10. Its average jackpot win pays €5.9 million. Leo Vegas had only relatively recently added Hall of Gods to its collection of 60 mobile jackpot games, and it’s been amazing that such an enormous win has been struck so fast.

Still in disbelief and shock, the 37 year old player has modest plans with his new found millionaire fortune. Like many other people, he’s been holding back on much needed but expensive expenditures. Things like roof repairs and plumbing don’t come cheap. So this player’s plans include some home renovations that have been put on the back burner, and fixing some odds and ends.

Keeping Track of Your Millions

Home renovations aren’t particularly glamorous, but certainly wise of this player. 70% of millionaires from lottery winnings end up losing all their money within a few years. Financial advisors note that once friends and family hear about the new fortune, expectations often change. Some have even lost their friends and families as a result. One American lottery winner spoilt his teenage granddaughter with his winnings, but she ended up dying from a drug overdose. That’s a sadly tragic end to what could have been a happy story of a teenager attending university debt free.

Giving to charity and helping friends is, of course, a good thing, but because the fortune comes so suddenly, many winners don’t grasp the actual amount of money they’ve won. They often end up giving too much of their win away, and buy expensive items that don’t increase in value. Or they invest in businesses without paying attention to the risks involved. It’d be smart to get yourself a professional financial advisor if you find yourself in this position. For sure, millions of dollars is a lot of money, but it’s important to keep track of how much you spend. Because by the time you realise it’s gone, it’ll be too late.

There are of course “success” stories with lottery winning millionaires. Take Dave Gehle for example, a humble American from Nebraska. He won the lottery with a ticket he bought with his co-workers. After taxes and divvying it up, his share was US$15 million. Guess what he did with the money? He bought a snow blower and a car. Other than a fun trip with a friend to Vietnam to take part in a movie about millionaires, Dave hasn’t done anything lavish and hasn’t changed much. Still living frugally with his millions, Dave has been making careful investment decisions. While he at first tried to keep working, Dave did end up quitting his job at ConAgra Foods. But he still lives in the same house, tries to help the community in his town. And of course, he enjoys helping his neighbours clear snow with his new snow blower! And now his life is worry-free, and filled with simple joys.

Going for Your Own Jackpot

Hall of Gods is just one of the few progressive jackpot games of course. Traditionally – if there is anything traditional about online jackpots – the buzz has always been around Microgaming’s Mega Moolah and NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, because these have been paying in the tens of millions and setting world records.

But this most recent win on Hall of Gods just shows that you don’t have to always go for the world’s biggest progressive jackpots in order to be a happy camper with a few million. And in fact, this win even beats a Mega Fortune win from last year, when a 57 year old woman also playing on LeoVegas Mobile won the €5.5 million jackpot. Choose a game you like, and when you win big, try to keep your cool and spend your fortune wisely!

Last Updated April 15, 2018