Live Dealer Hi-Lo for New Zealand Players

As a game of pure luck and zero skill, Hi-Lo is one of those which appeals to players for its simplicity. Much like the wild success of video slots, Hi-Lo offers big payouts whilst also threatening a loss a dozen bets in a row – that uncertainty is part of the game’s allure. While a relatively young game, Live Dealer Hi-Lo is becoming more and more popular across NZ casinos.

Check out our recommended casinos below to see where you can play the game with a real-life, on-screen dealer.

About Live Dealer Hi-Lo

Since Hi-Lo is an extremely simple game with fixed rules, there’s no technical difference between the live dealer games and, for example, RNG-based, classic online casino versions. However, playing with a real dealer makes a massive difference to the player experience. Hi-Lo dealers are usually good fun, enjoy chatting and elevate the game to more of an event.

The premise of the game is this: a card is placed face-up on the table. You bet on whether the next drawn card is higher, lower or the same. If you’re right, you win; if you’re wrong, you lose!

It’s straightforward, but if you’re feeling hesitant, feel free to use the resources on our site to learn how to play Hi-Lo before visiting the live dealer platform!

Where to Play in New Zealand

Playing live dealer Hi-Lo in NZ is perfectly legal, so don’t worry about that! If you’re looking for a place to play that’s fair, safe and fun, then try visiting one of our recommended casinos below.

Game Variations

Unlike other table games like blackjack or roulette, there’s only one rule set for Hi-Lo. Variations might be created in time, but the lack of complexity to the game means that it’s not terribly versatile: higher, lower or draw. That’s all there is to it!

Betting Limits

The maximum return at Hi-Lo with Playtech’s live dealer game is around 12/1, with a maximum bet of $10. However, the game also has an enforced winnings limit of $100, so betting a draw (odds 12.06) at $10 will get you $20 less than you might expect. Worth noting!

Playtech’s software offers the only popular live dealer Hi-Lo game available right now, but once more games are featured in casinos we may see the stakes and rewards rise to something more exciting.

Choose Your Live Dealer


The benefits of playing games on mobile are fairly intuitive: you can play on the go, anywhere in the world, any time you like! Playtech’s live dealer Hi-Lo is thankfully available on mobile from various casinos! Check out our recommended Hi-Lo mobile casinos below if you’re looking for the best playing experience.

Live Dealer Hi-Lo Software

Currently the only software provider offering Hi-Lo with a live dealer is Playtech. Their game is available at the majority of respectable Playtech casinos, including the likes of Royal Vegas, Jackpot City and Platinum Play!

What new players may not realise is that casino software is rarely developed by the casino itself; rather, specialised companies create the gaming software and license it to the casinos, hence the same game can appear at dozens of different casinos. Playtech is one of the world’s foremost developers of live dealer casino, so you’re guaranteed a good game with them!

Live Dealer Hi-Lo vs RNG

For those who aren’t familiar, RNGs are the classic online casino games controlled by a Random Number Generator. Because there’s no dealer with a real pack of cards, computer randomisation is used to ensure fair play and that every card drawn is, in fact, random and unpredictable.

Playing at RNGs is always much faster than live dealer tables. Why? Well, as soon as you’ve placed a bet, the computer can tell you if you’ve won; live dealers need more time to draw the cards, settle bets, clear them up and then prepare for the next round.

However, the longer time period adds tension and drama, while playing with a live dealer makes everything seem more real, exciting and meaningful. Choosing between live dealers and RNG is a simple matter of preference, and there’s no harm in trying both to see which you prefer!

  • Is It Fair?

Live Dealer Hi-Lo is about as fair as any game in the world ever can be: you have a deck (or multiple decks) of cards, and you are simply estimating the value of the next card. The deck is shuffled regularly so it’s impossible to “fix” or predict the results.

In fact, since the casino is odds-on favourite to win anyway, it wouldn’t be in their best interest to con players – they’re already making a profit! In addition, all live dealer casino games follow the same stringent regulations as land-based casinos, as well as being overlooked by a pit boss.

  • Free Games

As a rule, live dealer games cannot be played for free. If you’re interested in playing Hi-Lo but would like to get some practice in before putting your real money on the line, we recommend finding a free RNG game instead. You’ll play with the exact same rules, without investing any cash.

Once you’re finished playing with the RNG game, you’ll be ready for some live dealer action!


Hi-Lo is one of the most enjoyable chance-based casino games out there. Live dealer Hi-Lo takes the simple premise and makes it more immersive, more exciting and more fun than playing with a superfast computer algorithm. If you’re not going to go to Vegas, then live dealer Hi-Lo is your next best option by far. Try it out!

Last updated January 8, 2018