Live Dealer Baccarat

The main issue players find with traditional online casino is that it can lack the finesse and atmosphere of playing in a real, land-based institution. Live dealer games were invented to overcome this problem. You play with all the comforts of your own home (or wherever you prefer to gamble) but with a real dealer, cards, table and atmosphere.

More and more casinos in New Zealand are opening up Live Baccarat platforms, so there’s never been a better time to get involved. Check out our recommended casinos below to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable and – we hope – lucrative live baccarat experience!

About Live Dealer Baccarat

When you load a Live Dealer Baccarat game, you’ll be seeing from the viewpoint of someone actually sitting at the table. There’s the dealer straight ahead, betting areas for all the players, the shoe to one side (where the cards are kept) – it’s just like being there. Some players think the dealer will be an animation or 3D rendering; they’re always real, trained professionals who do their job just like you’d expect in a land-based casino.

You can interact with the dealer and ask questions, making it a fully immersive experience. The rules and gameplay are exactly like regular Baccarat, though some casinos will have different variations on offer. Visit our central baccarat page for the rules and strategy ideas.

Where to Play in New Zealand

Live Baccarat is completely legal in New Zealand, but to be safe you should visit our recommend casinos if you don’t already have a preferred partner: they are all fully licensed and compliant with NZ gambling laws and will offer a top-drawer gaming experience.

Game Variations

Baccarat is one of those games which has been around for centuries, and as such has developed all sorts of alternative rule sets and variations. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular ones:

  • Punto Banco – This is the “normal” variation. Hands are dealt to the player and banker, closest to ‘9’ at the end of the round wins. Bets are placed on the player, banker or a tie.
  • In-Running – Basically the same as Punto Banco, but you can place additional bets at various stages throughout the deal.
  • Progressive – You can place an additional side bet on a specific hand for both the dealer and banker (usually suited aces + 8s) and win a fixed or progressive jackpot if it comes through.
  • Pairs – You can open with a bet that either (or both) the player and banker will be dealt a pair. Higher odds for more specific bets like a perfect pair, or dealer and
  • Dragon Bonus – Normal baccarat with side bets on specific hands against the player or banker.
  • Card Peek – Some premium versions of baccarat allow the highest-staking player to “peek” at the other players’ cards before they are turned face side up.

Betting Limits

Like all casino games, the betting limits and ranges can vary substantially from game to game. Even within the same casino you’re likely to have a range of betting options. Check out the table below for a quick idea of some casinos’ betting limits.


Mobile gameplay is revolutionising the online casino world. Nowadays, if a casino doesn’t offer mobile-optimised content they’re almost guaranteed to lose business. The obvious upside to playing mobile Live Dealer Baccarat is that you can play wherever and whenever you want – the only limits are your internet connection (i.e. you need one) and your device’s battery! The screen is smaller, but clever optimisations can make the experience every bit as fun as playing on desktop.

Even better, you can get mobile-specific bonuses just for playing on your tablet or smartphone. Check out some of our favourite casinos with high-quality mobile platforms.

Live Dealer Baccarat Software

Just like with video slots and regular table games, there’s a huge variety of software developers supplying the technology, and specific providers usually have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to game production.

Evolution Gaming is usually considered the standout performer at Live Baccarat, with “TV Quality” games, lots of variants and a host of side bets thrown in. Their speed baccarat game is highly recommended for fast players. Other popular providers include: Playtech, Microgaming, Extreme Live Gaming and Netent.

  • PlaytechNot all software providers offer multi-seat baccarat, but you can find it at Playtech. Full HD, “Pairs” side bet and fully mobile compatible.
  • MicrogamingCurrently two variations available, multi-player and dragon bonus.
  • Extreme Live Gaming – Classic Macau-style gaming with 6-card layout and multiple side bets.

Choose Your Live Dealer


Live Dealer Baccarat vs RNG

The game itself, Baccarat, doesn’t really change much whether you’re playing in Vegas, with an RNG or in a live dealer game. What does change is the atmosphere, the ambiance and the thrill, and live dealer games are much closer to Vegas in all 3 areas than RNGs.

Sure, RNGs can certainly be faster than live dealers, but with the likes of Evolution Gaming’s speed baccarat, the differences aren’t all that sizeable. What it really comes down to is your motivation for playing: are you hoping to bet wildly and quickly to try and sneak a big win, or do you enjoy the experience of playing baccarat itself?

If it’s the latter, then live casino is 100% for you.

Is Live Dealer Baccarat Fair?

All land-based and online casinos follow the same rules and regulations when it comes to licensing and fairness. In addition, there is a pit boss overseeing every action at your table, so it’s virtually impossible for anything to go wrong, or for the results to be fixed.

Free Games

While RNG-based games have now reached the point where you can enjoy free play before putting your money where your mouth is, we don’t yet have that luxury with Live Dealer Baccarat. If you want to get some practise in before playing for real money, we recommend playing a demo RNG game, becoming comfortable with Baccarat and then coming back to make a killing.

We’ll update this page if free live dealer games ever get introduced!


Baccarat is a fairly simple card game which involves a rather substantial chunk of good fortune to deliver a big win. All luck-based games benefit from the wit, banter and observations of a live dealer however, and while RNG-based baccarat is fun, the live dealer variations are some of the most enjoyable online casino games ever conceived.

Go check them out.

Last updated January 8, 2018