Live Online Casinos

The essence of online live casinos is that they enable players to participate in real games being dealt by real dealers, captured via strategically placed cameras and microphones and streamed live to a player’s device. In some cases, the game is streamed from a land-based casino, while at other times the action comes from studios created especially for the purpose. See our list of the top casinos offering live streaming casino in the table below.

At some casinos, playing live online means participating in a live game in which players from a bricks and mortar casino are also taking part, while in others you take part in a real game that is being played only by online players.

Some elements of how live online games operate will vary from casino to casino, but most sites offering live games have the same features in common, and for most players these are the biggest draws – real dealers with whom you can interact and a real game i.e. real cards are dealt or a real wheel is spun and the outcomes are not produced by a RNG.

To play live at some casinos, you need to download the casino software and register for a real money account; others offer a Flash or Instant Play option, meaning that once you have opened your account, you can play directly in your browser without the need to download any software.

Where to Play

There are an increasing number of online casinos where you can take part in live games. We particularly recommend the live online games at 888 and Royal Vegas.

Play Live Roulette at Royal Vegas

How to Play

A real professional dealer with whom you can interact is the main attraction for many of playing live online. The fact that most of these dealers also happen to be extremely attractive young ladies is of course purely coincidental. (At Royal Vegas, you can even choose between traditional or Playboy Bunny croupiers!)

Players have an on-screen panel from where bets are made, and this will also include a replica of the table, with all buttons clearly marked, making navigation simple and straightforward. Some casinos also thoughtfully provide a tip box! Casinos offering live games provide real-time support, as well as online information guides and FAQ pages.

As in all types of casinos, there are table limits, as well as minimum and maximum bet sizes, and so this means that players at all levels should be able to find a game in which they feel comfortable. Cameras streaming the games are programmed so that they follow the game closely and the action flows continuously and in real time; there is never a case of having to wait until the camera or your display catches up.

Live Blackjack

Live online blackjack is a real game, and although each casino will have its own House rules as to the size of shoe it uses, and how frequently cards are shuffled, for many aficionados the most crucial element of live online blackjack is that the cards are shuffled and dealt by a dealer, and the cards you receive come from the shoe, with no RNG being involved.

Different casinos and tables have their own specific rules about minimum and maximum bet sizes, but the game

plays as blackjack has always been played, including rules on doubling, splitting, insurance, etc. Some live online casinos also offer a bet behind option. Read more about blackjack  and blackjack strategies.

Live Roulette

When you play live online roulette, the table layout, odds, and the types of bets you can make are the same as in an online roulette game; however, a real wheel is spun and the result of the spin depends entirely on where the ball comes to rest—there is no software or simulation involved. If you want to follow a particular betting strategy, or you like to make split, street, corner, five-number or double street bets, you can do so in exactly the same way as you would in any roulette game. Learn more about Roulette, and the different Roulette strategies.

Live Baccarat

Playing live online baccarat means that you are at a table with a real dealer, and the cards that come have been cut, shuffled and dealt by that dealer from a 4, 6 or 8 deck shoe as in any land-based casino. Card values are the same (face cards and 10s have no value, Aces are equal to1) as are the betting options (player, banker, tie). The casino banks the game all the time (as in online baccarat) and plays their hands according to the tableau and third-card rule. Overall, the gaming action exactly replicates baccarat as it is played in casinos all around the world.