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These days, when gaming in an online casino from their desktop or laptop, players have two basic alternatives—play a game in their browsers, or play a game downloaded to their PC as a standalone executable file, also known as an .exe file. (Downloads to a Mac are not usually available. See our article about playing on a Mac.)

The advantages of the first are obvious: you don’t need to download anything. Just browse to the game in your online casino of choice and start playing. While downloading casino software does take a bit of time and disk space, and may involve some risk of exposure to malware – which is greatly reduced when downloading from reputable casinos – players usually weigh the benefit of a broader selection of games and a more immersive user experience, both in terms of optimised high definition visuals and more intuitive and flowing game action.

We have compiled here a list of some of the best and safest downloadable casino software out there, as evaluated by our expert reviewers. Check out their reviews and pull down what seems most interesting and exciting to you.

Why download a casino

Leading software developers power our recommended online casinos, with highly reputable names like Playtech and Microgaming. What this means for you is that whether it’s a table game you’re playing, a downloadable online pokie, or a live dealer card game, you can be confident you are getting a reliable piece of software capable of delivering a satisfying and exhilarating gameplay. As long as you download directly from reputable casinos, you can be sure that their gaming software won’t have viruses or malevolent code that can infect your PC.

Furthermore, casinos have gone to great lengths to ensure that the download and installation process is straightforward and simple. It’s really a matter of a few minutes at most for a single file to be downloaded and then, after you approve its placement, getting neatly installed into a designated folder with one-click access from your desktop or menus.  Unlike in the past, the software does not use annoying frames or create annoying and messy popup windows.

The leading downloadable software casino allows you to play each game offered by the casino in their most robust editions. By contrast, the selection of games offered in the no-download browser-based casinos typically is less comprehensive. This is true due to the historical fact that the Flash technology used to create the browser-based games – especially for processor intensive gaming environments like online pokies – was and still is incapable of achieving the visual and operational effects that are possible in a native executable file running on your local computer. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy as an optimal gaming experience with the casino’s complete collection, downloading software is the way to go. Gaming fanatics especially, will not settle for less.

More Intense Visual and Audio Experience

The experiential advantages of downloadable software are sometimes quite striking. Graphics tend to be more intensive and higher resolution, animations more sophisticated and multi-dimensional, sounds more layered and binaural. Game play is more responsive and dramatic. All this should not come as a surprise when you consider that browser-based software has to bridge the distance between a server in the cloud and your local PC, whereas an executable file is running right there on the fast processors and graphic accelerators resident in the box sitting on your lap or on your floor. Needless to say, games also load faster in downloaded casino software than those served via the browser.

This isn’t just a matter of the differences in processing speed between a local and a remote computer and the communication lag when sending signals back and forth. Software developers, seeking to avoid catastrophic crashes and annoying lags in game play, “dumb down” the browser-based instant play versions, aware that Flash running on a remote server simply can’t deliver the detail and intricacy of the executable video pokie running – no, flying – on a local machine. The bottom line is that files residing on your PC will almost invariably be richer and more intense in terms of visuals, sounds and game play, delivering to your senses the full immersive experience that the game designers intended and the game players crave.

Our guide to casino downloads will lead you step-by-step through the process of downloading and installing your chosen gaming software.

How to Download Casino Software

Downloading casino games is fast and easy. But if you run into any problems, you can find on our site contact details for the customer support provided by the reputable and recommended online casinos to their players.

  1. On every page of the casino site, you will typically see a button labeled Download or Play Now, which normally leads to browser based, instant-play. ‘Download’ will start the process to downloading the software.
  2. Click the button to trigger a step-by-step set-up wizard (familiar to anyone who has downloaded a software application of any sort)
  3. Carefully follow the steps as directed by the installation wizard.
  4. A window requesting that you accept to the casino’s terms and conditions. It is good practice to really read these – or at least skim them! – so that you understand the conditions under which the casino is operating and what are the mutual rights and responsibilities. After all this is a binding contract that concerns risks as well as rewards.
  5. If you agree to the terms and conditions, then you should click the checkbox.
  6. The software will begin to stream to your PC, typically completing within a few minutes depending on the size of the casino software file and the speed of your connection as well as the available disk space and processing speed of your PC.
  7. Assuming you approve these shortcuts, an icon will be placed on your PC’s desktop and in the Program Manager menu of your Windows interface. You can use either of these methods to launch your new casino!
  8. During the installation, or right after it has completed, you will be prompted to set up an account at the casino.

Bottom line on Downloadable Casino Software

Gaming on free downloadable software from online casinos is the best way to get the most value and enjoyment from your experience.  The casinos recommended here have made great strides to ensure a safe and secure installation, free of viruses and malware, providing you with access to their most sophisticated games and their most comprehensive casino collections. If you want the ultimate experience that casinos have to offer, downloading their software will deliver the premium experience you expect with the best casino games on the market.