Craps Strategy Guide

Online Craps Strategy

Even though craps is clearly a game of chance, there are certain craps strategy tips that will see you neutralize the house edge and improve your chances of winning.

Online craps offers players some bets that are extremely good value i.e., with little or no house edge, and others where the house has a huge advantage.

Playing online craps is relatively straightforward if you understand which bets represent the best value and stick with these, but it can nevertheless appear daunting to the novice because of the sheer number of bets available. Your best move is to go for the bets with a low house edge and avoid those with a high house advantage.

Best craps bets

To use craps strategy effectively, it’s necessary to know about pass line and don’t pass line bets (the most frequent bets made in craps) and taking and laying odds, as these are the bets when the odds aren’t stacked against you.

The above are all multi-roll bets, which means they might take several rolls of the dice to be resolved.

Pass line bets

  • you’re betting with the shooter, wagering that they will roll the point number before they roll a 7
  • pay even money
  • central to a good craps strategy when they’re combined with odds bets
  • house edge is 1.41%

Don’t pass line bets

  • also known as laying odds
  • you’re betting against the shooter, wagering that they roll a 7 before the point number
  •  you need to bet more to win less because of the greater likelihood of a 7 being rolled i.e., 1:2 on 4 and 10, 2:3 on 5 and 9, and 5:6 on 6 and 8
  • house edge is 1.36%

Odds bets

  • Dice throwing oddsalso known as taking the odds
  • no house edge and offered at true odds
  • in an online casino, an odds bet is placed by clicking below your pass line bet
  • placed to ‘back up’ pass line bets after the come-out roll
  • payouts will vary depending on the point number, usually 2:1 on 4 and 10, 3:2 on 5 and 9, and 6:5 on 6 and 8
  • the size of odds bet permitted might be 2x or 3x (i.e., a $5 pass line bet can be backed up with a $15 odds bet)
  • if the shooter rolls the point number, you are paid even money on your pass line bet and the true odds on your odds bet
  • your aim should always be to make your odds bet as large as possible e.g., if you have a budget of $20 per roll, you should make a $5 pass line/don’t pass line bet backed up by a $15 odds bet

Come bets

  • placed after the point has been established
  • effectively makes the next roll another come-out roll
  • you can also take odds with come bets, or lay odds if you’re betting don’t come
  • another way of getting true odds bets with no house edge

Worst craps bet

Proposition bets in craps are those resolved in a single roll. They offer higher rewards, but they come with a much greater house edge, which can range from around 6% to almost 17%, and so are to be avoided as part of an online craps strategy. Some particular proposition bets that are to be avoided include:

  • Field bet (wins if the shooter rolls 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12)-pays 3:1 on 2 or 12, and 1:1 on 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11; house edge 5.56%
  • Any Craps (wins if the shooter rolls 2, 3 or 12)-pays 7:1; house edge 11.11%
  • 2 or 12 (wins if the shooter rolls 2 or 12)-pays 30:1; house edge 13.89%
  • Any Seven (wins if the shooter rolls 7)-pays 4:1; house edge 16.67%

Craps tips

Players looking for other good value bets can consider:

  • place bet 6 or 8-pays 1:1, house edge 1.52%
  • place bet 5 or 9-pays 1:1. house edge 4%

The key to a successful craps strategy is knowing which bets represent the best value and where the house edge is at its lowest so that you can manage your bankroll successfully. Of course, having a craps strategy is not a guarantee of winning, but it does mean that you are playing with a plan.
For players who are new to craps, take advantage of our recommended online casinos, such as Platinum Play, where you can play in demo mode for free to get a feel for the game and the different types of bet available.

Final words on Craps strategy

Craps is one of the most fast-paced, action-packed online casino games, and for these reasons one of the most enjoyable. Although there is a multitude of bets and some unusual terminology, it’s ultimately a straightforward game and one that offers players real value—if you know where to look. Visit BGO Casino to play craps for free in a demo Flash Play version to find out for yourself.