Online Bingo

BingoBingo is a fun, straightforward game that is as enjoyable online as it is in a bingo hall. Usually played in either a 90-ball or 75-ball version, players buy cards of numbers and the aim is to be the first player to have all of your numbers called and which you then mark off on your card (known as a Full House). There are also smaller games within the game e.g., prizes are awarded to the first player to mark off all of the numbers on a given row, etc. Players can win more than one prize in any single game. We didn’t think its possible, but the online version of Bingo is even more fun with a large community, friends, chat games, 400%-500% match bonuses and more!

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 How to play bingo

A 90-ball bingo card consists of three rows of nine columns, with five numbers between 1 – 90 in squares on each row (leaving four empty squares), and players mark their numbers off on the card as they’re called. In most versions of online bingo, players play six cards at a time, which means that all 90 numbers will appear somewhere on your cards, ensuring that you’re always engaged in the game.

In 75-ball bingo, the card is laid out differently, in that there are five rows of five squares containing numbers from between 1 – 75, with only one blank square in the centre of the card. In 75-ball bingo, there is a greater variety of game play – rather than prizes being awarded for just for being the first player to complete one or two rows, you can win by completing a different array of patterns, which change for each new game. However, the biggest prize is still awarded to the first player to get a Full House. With fewer numbers to call, games of 75-ball bingo tend to be quicker than the 90-ball version.

In online bingo, the size of the prizes awarded in any given game can be dependent on the number of players taking part in the bingo room for that game, or alternatively there are scheduled games with set entry fees and prizes. You can choose to mark your numbers off manually (known as dabbing) or the system can automatically mark them off for you.

Who plays bingo?

Online bingo has undoubtedly changed the audience for the game. In the popular imagination, it is a game played purely by old ladies during the middle of the day, but online play has changed that. Online bingo rooms are made up of players from all around the world, of all ages, and they have a vibrancy that will surprise the newcomer.

The social element of bingo – being able to chat with your fellow players and those around you – has been retained in the online version of the game. The bingo rooms that we recommend all have interactive in-chat games that mean you’re always in the action and give you the chance to interact with your fellow players, as little or as often as you choose. This interactive element of online bingo is what has changed the demographic of the game and increased its popularity amongst a much greater range of players than the traditional version.

Bingo bonuses

There are a wide variety of bonuses that new and regular players can pick up playing online bingo, making the game even better value.

This include no deposit bonuses, where you receive free bonus money to play with simply by signing up for an account. This means you can enjoy online bingo games for free and without commitment (although there will be conditions attached, such as how much you can win or the length of time you have to play). Many online bingo rooms also offer no deposit games with small set prizes – these cost nothing to play but you can still boost your bankroll with a cash prize.

Most of the online bingo rooms that we recommend will also offer players a generous Welcome Bonus when you sign up for a new account and make a first deposit into your account. This will often take the form of a bonus match, usually in the region of 250% – 500%. This means that if you open your account by depositing $10 the casino will match this, so you might end up with $35 or even $50 to play with. It is important to note, however, that these types of bonus will come with a wagering requirement before any of the bonus amount can be withdrawn.

In addition, regular online bingo players can earn further rewards through the different loyalty schemes on offer. Most online bingo rooms award players points every time they play a game, which can then be accumulated and exchanged for credits and other prizes.

Refer a friend bonuses are also common in online bingo rooms, where if someone you recommend signs up for an account and makes a deposit, you also get a reward, usually in the form of loyalty points.

Online bingo chat rooms

What distinguishes online bingo from most other online games is the social element, which is absolutely integral to the game’s popularity. The bingo rooms that we recommend all have chat rooms where players can talk and exchange messages with each other or the chat room hosts, and this level of connectivity is for many just as important as the game itself. Just as in traditional bingo, friendship and camaraderie is an essential part of online bingo and the chat rooms that are part of the game mean you’re never playing alone.

Chat room hosts (on some sites, they’re called moderators) do a great job of keeping the conversation between players flowing and the excitement levels high. They also moderate the outcome of chat room games. At the same time, there is no obligation to take part in a chat room or chat games, and so if you want to keep yourself to yourself, you can do that too.

In addition, chat games (also known as side games) are also very popular and increase the levels of interaction between players. Fast and fun, these games come in all shapes and sizes and are easy to participate in while also giving you the chance to win extra prizes. Whether it’s a trivia quiz, a missing word game, or a numbers problem, chat games are a great way to get involved in conversations with your fellow players, have some fun, and test your knowledge – with the added bonus of picking up a prize too. Chat room games are either free or played at minimal cost, and to be able to take part, at most sites it will be necessary for you to have opened a real money account and made an initial deposit.

Instant bingo

Instant bingo is a form of the game that closely resembles scratch cards. Rather than buying a card, waiting for the numbers to be called and then crossing them off, in instant bingo you know whether you’re a winner more of less instantly. Simply reveal the hidden numbers (just like with a scratch card) and whether or not you have a winning combination is shown straight away.

While for some players, instant bingo is a fast and straightforward alternative to other forms of online bingo, it does lack the social element and the opportunity to participate in chat rooms and chat games. However, some prefer instant bingo because of the fact that there is always a set prize amount, so how much you win is not dependent on how many players are taking part.